Instagram: Organize your Bookmarked Posts in a Private Collection

A good news for Instagram lovers! Instagram has introduced a new feature which enables us to save posts into a folder called collection and you can also pin the posts you want to save for later. You can also create different folders to organize the post accordingly.

Once the post is saved, you can view it in your private collection.


The new feature added resembles the feature from Pin Interest wherein it allows us to pin the post to our boards and we can categorize them as well.

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When Instagram announced the new feature, it also stated, “46 percent of Instagrammers have saved at least one post” since the company first introduced the bookmarking tool.

The feature was first introduced in December last year. As a user at some point, we might have wanted to save the post or video or funny memes to view them at a later date.

With bookmarking tool, you can privately save the post and view them later, therefore no hassle of downloading a photo to your phone to chug up the memory on the device.

The tool itself is a very useful feature, by adding collection to it as a new feature will make it even better.

The software update includes new features for stickers, enhanced Direct messaging features to include disappearing photos and videos, and two-factor authentication and support for downloading live videos to our devices.

This update is available for both iOS and Android.

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How to save a post on to your collection:

A quick little guide saving your favorite post to your collection –

  • To save the post to review later, you can bookmark it with the bookmarking tool icon and if you press and hold the icon, you can also save it to your private collection.


  • You will get an option to choose a folder, where you want to save a post, in case you haven’t created any folder related to the post, click on +


  • Type the name of the folder, in which you want to save your post.


  • Tada, it is done. You can see the post under your private collection with the name of the folder you have chosen.


  • In future, when you want to view the post, you can click on People Icon inthe bottom right corner of the app.


Note: The post saved can only be seen by us.

People often turn up to Instagram to check the latest trend, style ideas, recipes, travel locations, DIY craft ideas and more. It has also opened doors for the shopaholics recently by providing a platform to buy and sell cool stuff of latest trends. Instagram has been trying to increase the level of usage of the app by adding such new features now and then.

Let’s see, whether it will succeed in engaging more users!

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