Instagram now lets you share multiple photos and videos in a single post – Let’s know how!

Either you love it or hate it, the recent update rolled out by Instagram now lets you share up to ten photos and videos in a single post. All these posts are going to appear in the Instagram feed only with the first item shown, however it can be swiped further through carousel-style to reveal additional photos and videos.

This new feature is bound to be popular amongst selfie addicts. So let’s cut to the chase and see how it works.

How to post multiple images and photos on Instagram

1) Tap on the “Plus” icon in the middle of the tab bar at the screen bottom, then click on “Library”.

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2) Now hit on the “Multiple” button in the lower right corner of the image preview so it turns blue, then select up to ten photos and videos to add to your post.


Tip: To crop an individual item, tap it to move it around and adjust how it fits within the frame (the grid helps you frame the shot perfectly). When you’re done, tap Next in the top right.

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3) On the next screen, tap a filter at the bottom to apply the effect to every photo and video you’ve selected.


4) Write your caption and select a location. The location and caption are applied to the entire post and can edited after the post is live.

You can even tag your friends in the post, to do so tap Tag People, swipe to a desired photo, then tap on “Tag”.


Now tap a photo, then use the text filed at the top to search for one or more accounts you’d like to tag. Hit “Done” to finish tagging the photo, then tap outside the image to get back to the sharing screen.

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5) Tap “Share” to publish your multi-image post.


And that’s all there’s to it!

So did you love this new added delight offered by Instagram? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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