Instagram Adds Guides for Wellness and COVID-19

Instagram once known as a photo-sharing site, has expanded its capabilities. It’s now used more for posting videos and watching IGTV. In addition to this recently, Instagram rolled a new feature called Guides.

This feature will allow users to access wellness content, curated by public influencers, and creators associated with the topic.

The idea behind this new feature is to create an article like an update for the previous posts and videos related to wellness during COVID-19.

The feature is introduced for both the Android and iOS version of the application.

What is the Guides feature?

It is a way for creators to curate content on a specific topic like wellness, give tips, recommendations, and share content using their own as well as other people’s accounts.

Guides show up as a separate section; however, you can link it to posts and Instagram Stories. It is found next to Photo Grid, Tagged Photos.

Using it, influencers can create awareness of wellness and health. This is the reason why the option is available only for a selected few.

What types of content can we find on Guides?

Right now, Guides is all about taking care of mental health, managing depression and anxiety, keeping the connection, staying empathetic. This means you will be able to find topics related to overall wellness on Guides.

Moreover, by tapping on the short description, you can get detailed information about the original post. Guides can be shared via email, message, direct message, stories, or users can copy-paste the link in the browser.

Eventually, more topics will be added, but currently, it will focus on the need of the hour.

Where to look for Instagram Guides?

If you are unable to find Guides on Instagram, don’t get disheartened.

Currently, the feature is available to a selected few partners. Soon it will be available for everyone.

But this doesn’t mean viewing is also restricted. Everyone can view Instagram Guides.

To find Instagram Guides makes sure you are using the updated version of the Instagram app.

Now head to profile, you will see an icon amid the tagged Photo and Photo Grid and it looks like a newspaper/magazine.

This is the Guides section.guided section for portrait board with blog post captions

Tap it you’ll be redirected to a page with where you will see portrait board with blog post captions.

Which accounts are participating?






@sudahdong and


This is the initial phase of Guides; hence it is limited to a few accounts. Soon an Explore tab will be added to it. Also, the feature is available only on mobile; you will not find it on the web version. However, it is unclear when it will be released for the public.

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So, what are your thoughts on this new Guides feature? Do you think you will use it to read articles on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us; we’d love to hear them.

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