Innovative Gadgets For Senior Citizens- Part 2

In the previous blog we saw some of the innovative gadgets that could give our grandparents the freedom and confidence to go through their routine without taking anyone else’s help. Here we would be listing more such devices that could help them in accomplishing their day to day activities without depending on any third person for that.

1. Automatic Pill Dispenser –


GMS 28-day Automatic Pill Dispenser comes with 6 daily Alarms, 6 Dosage Rings, 1 Metal Key and now comes with a Clear lid and a solid white lid. Med-e-alert is an excellent medication management tool for individuals with dementia or memory loss. This way our grandparents or senior members will never miss their medicines again.

The Automatic Pill Dispensers are sometimes also called as electronic pill boxes or daily medication organizers for oral solid medicines and vitamins. The fully automatic pill dispensers are lockable and dispense the right medication at the right time.

2. Talking Alarm Clock And Med Reminder –


The device is manufactured by MedCenter Systems and called it as Take your Pills Talking Alarm Clock. It alerts the user when it is time for them to take the medicine in a friendly female voice up to 4 times daily.

The user can set up to 4 daily alarms of the possible medication times. The friendly reminder voice notifies the user about the time, the date and the medicine that needs to be taken. Some of the other feature also include the backlit display for convenient night time viewing.

when the alarm goes off, users simply need to press the Alarm Acknowledged Button to stop. The alarm sound has two settings Loud and Extra Loud. The preset default alarm times are Morning – 7:00 a.m., Afternoon – 1:00p.m., Evening – 6:00 p.m. and night – 10:30 p.m.

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3. Sonamba Monitoring System –


It is a wellbeing status monitor and medical alert system for seniors living on their own. It is the best fit for seniors as well as the caregivers, giving family members and caregivers periodic updates via text messages on the senior’s wellbeing throughout the day not just in emergencies.

This device not just monitors the health of our dear ones but it even helps us in sharing the messages without the use of mobile device likes haring a conversation, sharing photos and sharing the text messages. The device has a look of a digital photo frame and the functionality makes it easy to be accepted in the senior’s home, promoting social connectivity at the same time.

4. Electronic Calendar for Seniors –


The Day Clox is among the 5 best Electronic Calendars for Seniors. The Electronic calendars are the amazing tools for people suffering from cognitive impairments, memory loss, impaired vision and for the elderly in general.

These clocks help the people to be comfortably independent rather than depending on the family members to know the date and time. It can work with 8 different languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, Welsh and Dutch.

This High Resolution digital day clock spells out the full DAY of the Week, Month and Date in large, bold letters – with no confusing abbreviations.

5. Magnifier Floor Lamp –


An illuminated magnifying lamp is a fantastic way to increase the field of vision for seeing every detail while working with the tiniest of objects or for reading the finest of print. Fulcrum’s Magnifier Lamp is designed to give an enlarged clear view of items or text for hobbyists, collectors and those who suffer from eyestrain or low vision.

The lamp has a stable and stationary base and a flexible gooseneck to let you position the lamp exactly where it is required – at a table, chair, or work bench. The magnification lens is of 5-inch diameter and has two times the magnification power with a 12 glare-free LED lights illuminating the viewing area under the lens.

6. Portable Walking Chair/Cane/Stool Combo –


This medical device is a combination of chair and walking cane so, which you get two things for a price of one. They provide a comfortable and sturdy chair when opened, and a secured walking aid when closed.

There are plenty of manufacturers who sell portable cane chairs. One of the top 5 Portable Folding Cane Seats is the Stadium Chair Company Portable Cane Walking Chair.  It is a fashionable, stylish product which has dual function as a walking stick or a chair depending on the need of the time. It is made from canvas and steel. It is designed to provide a stool with a tri-pod stand, when opened up. Though it is comparatively heavier than other similar products but offers a durable and comfortable seat.

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7. Ice Pick Or Crown For Crutches –


The seniors who use canes to walk around or with the crutches always find it difficult move out easily during the winters because of the fear of slipping. Ice pick or Crown for crutches allows people with canes and crutches to get out easily and enjoy the winter.

Ice pick is a foldable attachment for the canes and crutches to be used during the winters and clamps to the tips of the canes and crutches. Some the other features are it has hardened tip and barbed ring. It is made of hardened stainless steel for maximum durability.

8. Big Button Photo Dialer –


One more gadgets for the seniors in our homes. This gadget makes speed dialing easier by using pictures to save the frequently called people and emergency numbers. Working with it is very easy, just press the image of the person to call.

Not just working, it is even easy to setup and program. It does not need batteries or AC plugs to operate. The user just needs to connect the Big Button Photo Dialer to your existing phone, plug the unit into the phone jack in the wall with the supplied cable.

9. Digital Tire Gauge –


Digital tire gauge gives you an instant, accurate, and easy-to-read measurement of your vehicle’s tire pressure. A simple push button turns the unit on and selects one of four measurement ranges.

In the dark, the lighted nozzle illuminates the work area and you can locate the valve stem. The nozzle seals into the valve stem by applying a gentle pressure and deliver an accurate measurement quickly. The measurement is displayed on the lighted digital screen, eliminating any need of guess work or estimations like reading an analog gauge.

The device is contoured in a manner that it fits properly in your hand and this ergonomic shape is combined with a soft non-slip texture giving ultimate comfort and control. It has a 30-second automatic shut off feature which help in saving the battery power to the max.

10. Digital Photo Frames –


Pictures form a very special way to keeping the memories of special day fresh and a way for reliving those memories. Old aged people love their grandchildren the most and always love to have them around. But at the same time, it is difficult to manage the bundles of photo albums.

Digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays the digital photos without the need of computer or printer. They are easy to manage and operate. At the same time, it helps are grandparents to relive the old days rather than just sitting idle and feeling sad for not having us around.

11. TabSafe –


One more from the category of medication reminder and management system which reminds, dispenses, alerts and posts information on compliance, inventory and other health information that is accessible from any Internet capable device.

The base unit of the device is installed in a convenient location in the home for the user. The unit could be expanded up to 4 units each of which can dispense up to 13 medications for a single user needs. The design has been patented and releases single dose at a time which can comprise of a single medicine or of multiple medicines.

These were the gadgets that as per us are the best inventions for our grandparents. But there are many more such devices in the market. Let us know about any such device that is just amazing and we forgot to list it in our blog.

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