Friday Essential: Indispensable Technologies Required For Mars Colonization

Ever since the discovery of Mars, scientists are trying to find a way to visit and inhibit this amazing planet. Recently NASA announced that it is all set to send astronauts to orbit of the Mars and then plan their return by 2030. This is certainly great, isn’t it? But things might not turn out as planned if the health technology is not improved!

What’s The Problem With Technology Available Now?

What’s The Problem With Technology Available Now

Presently we are not equipped with technology that keeps an eye on our health using sensors that is of foremost importance. We need device gadgets that would help us survive extreme temperature, radiations and weight loss despite taking enough nutrients! Also, there we don’t have every resource within our reach, so it will be more like living in a village! If we take a look at stats, to take a journey to Mars, it takes approximately 7 months. That means we cannot just hop back to Earth if we need resources! Therefore, we need a few things before we think about living on Mars. Improvising the health technology is on priority, but there are others on the list as well.

What All We Need to Develop Significantly Before Colonizing Mars?

There are several things that we’ll need in order to inhibit a foreign planet and the ones mentioned below are a few of them!

1. 3D Printers

Today, 3D printers are just printing a few things but before we move to Mars, we’d need a full-fledged 3D printer to make resources available without much hassle! Also, we need these special printers to produce various surgical equipment’s and other necessary things during Mars colonization.

3D Printers

2. Wearables and Body Implanted Sensors

Today the wearables we have can only detect limited things in our body, but when on Mars even the slightest change in our body may prove fatal. Therefore, we need tiny body sensors that can detect every tiny change in our body. For this, digital tattoos and implanted microchips can also help!

Wearables and Body Implanted Sensors

3. Genomic Analysis

To know health of the individuals who have taken residency on Mars, we’d need a full and improved genomic analysis system. With this full body scan to analyze the current status of a person can be determined without difficulty. And treatment of the same will also be possible easily and swiftly! For reference, you can recall the movie Elysium in which acute leukemia was detected and cured as well using genomic analysis system!

Genomic Analysis

4. Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Today, we have robots and AI that are able to complete limited number of tasks, but we’ll need a fully developed AI in order to survive on Mars. You ask why?  Because we’ll need answers to our real-time problems which would be safe to implement!

Artificial Intelligence and Robots
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5. Telemedical Solutions
Not everybody will decide to go to Mars and thus there are fair chances that a few best doctors opt to stay back. However, we’d still need their help up there and thus we will have to come up with telemedical solutions that will help us communicate from Earth to Mars without interruption.

Telemedical Solutions

6. Exoskeletons

Building camps to stay on Mars will require professionals to work day and night. In the process, they might lose their strength and become prone to fatigue and need help. Exoskeletons will be the best companion they’ll have!


This is not an exhaustive list of things that we might need before moving on to Mars. Without these living on Mars will not be possible and Mars colonization will become a farfetched dream!

Mars colonization
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