Inbox Zero: Everything You Need to Know

Email Inbox—what is the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing this term? Well, some of you must’ve started picturing a flooded inbox with thousands of promotional emails hovering over the screen, right? So, when was the last time you took an effort to clean your inbox? Tons of emails messages keep on lying in our inbox for years and years, and sadly we don’t really do anything about it.

Talking about email management, Inbox Zero is a new approach that aims at keeping your inbox empty. And by empty we don’t mean that it has absolutely zero number of emails. In fact, Inbox Zero is more of a rigorous strategy that effectively manages your email inbox to enhance and boost your productivity. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Wondering What is Inbox Zero and how can one achieve it? Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will be talking about Inbox Zero and everything else that revolves around this term.

Inbox Zero
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Let’s get started.

What is Inbox Zero?

The concept of Inbox Zero was introduced back in 2006, by a renowned productivity expert known as Merlin Mann. When it comes to understanding the approach to Inbox Zero, first one needs to understand that by Zero in the term “Inbox Zero” doesn’t refer to having an empty inbox.

As emails have become one of the most powerful modes of communication over time, this happens to be the only trusted and reliable source of how anyone tries to contact you. Be it, your work clients or promotional marketers, almost everyone around is targeting your email inbox with their messages. Imagine how dreadful it is when we open our Email inbox after a holiday break? Tons of unread incessant emails messages are crowding our inbox staring right through us, waiting for us to respond. And with time, the number of emails one gets is only increasing which makes our email inbox even messier.

email inbox
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So, what exactly is Inbox Zero? If we try to understand it in simple terms, Inbox Zero is an email management strategy that aims at organizing our inbox. The ultimate objective of having an Inbox Zero is when you have zero unread emails in your inbox, and all the emails are duly responded, read, labeled or whatever necessary action it requires should be effectively taken.

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How Can Inbox Zero Enhance Our Productivity?

How Can Inbox Zero Enhance Our Productivity

Imagine yourself having a busy day at work when you have tons of pending tasks to accomplish during the day. And then as soon as you log in to your email account, you see a bunch of emails waiting for you to respond. You sure don’t want a cherry on the top, right? Even when you’ll try to accomplish your other work tasks, those unread emails will keep bothering you in the back of your head.

Following an Inbox Zero approach is the right thing to do when it comes to boosting your productivity. If you don’t want your productivity to suffer, one should adopt the Inbox Zero strategy. Take out a little time from your busy schedule and perform the necessary action to get rid of all those unread email messages from your inbox. Here are some major email actions that you can take for achieving Inbox Zero strategy.

Inbox Zero Strategies

Inbox Zero Strategies
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  • Delete: Is the email relevant to you? Not even a Zilch! Then what’re you waiting for? Tap the delete button and send that email to trash straight away.
  • Delegate: Does that respective email has anything to do with you? If yes, then respond. And if it requires someone else’s attention, delegate the email right away by addressing it to the person in concern.
  • Archive: There are some emails that don’t require your immediate attention but contain an important message. To deal with such emails the best action to take is “Archive” so that you can access them in the future whenever you want.
  • Respond: Even if you’re running short on time, and if an email requires your urgent attention don’t delay on responding to it. It hardly takes two minutes of your time to draft a reply, right? So, why wait all day to do so and suffer your productivity? Do it right away!


No matter which above-mentioned Inbox-Zero strategy you will use, it will definitely let you attain a peace of mind. Dealing with unread emails will also boost your productivity as you’ll one less thing to worry about in your day. We hope this post cleared all your doubts on what Inbox Zero is and how can one achieve it for managing your email inbox. So, what do you think about this email management strategy? Feel free to share your insights and feedback in the comments box below.

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