Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing Laptop

Are you planning to purchase a new laptop this year? If yes, then here you can find important tips which can help you out to choose a laptop which suits you best. Here, we will explain important points which you can consider while placing the order for a new laptop according to your needs and budget.

1. Budget

Firstly, set a budget which you can spend on a new laptop. This will help you choose best available laptop in your already set price range. In case if you find one which is available just little above your already set price range, then be flexible and go for it.

However, never purchase a laptop which was launched one year back because you can find new device models with upgraded technology at the same price.

2. Size of Laptop

If you are looking for a laptop which you can easily carry while traveling or while going to the office, then go for small size between 12.5 and 14 inches and weight of 1 to 1.7 kg. Whereas if you need a heavy-duty laptop which you wish to use at one place and do not need to carry all the time with you then you can choose the size between 14 and above inches.

3. Processor

It is the most important factor which you should consider while purchasing a laptop. To choose the appropriate processor firstly analyze your motive of purchasing a laptop. If you just want to use it for typing or blogging then you can consider low clock processors as it will not affect your writing but it will surely help you get a laptop within your budget.

Whereas, if your purpose is to work on different software at a time or if you are a software coder, then you should choose a laptop with high clock CPU as only this will help you to perform multiple heavy tasks at a time.

In both the cases always choose the latest generation of processors available in the market.

Try to choose the CPU as per below tips:

For small processing tasks like typing, Internet browsing, monitoring etc., you can go for Core i3 and Core i5 processors with low clocked processing.

For high processing tasks like gaming, software coding, etc. you should go for Core i5 and Core i7 processors with high clocked processing. This will help to perform multiple heavy tasks very smoothly.

4. Memory

It is also an important factor which you should never avoid. Yes, while purchasing a laptop keep in mind that you should go for high memory. Let’s explore it more as below:

RAM: Once you have clear motive for purchasing a laptop, then you should choose appropriate RAM which is most suitable for your work. Always keep in mind that in future software technology will surely grow and change, which will consume more RAM to process different tasks. Therefore, go for high capacity RAM as a minimum of 4 GB, also a laptop should have an extra slot for RAM so that you can expand it in future.

Hard Disk: Never buy a laptop with low space capacity hard disk. Just keep in mind that most of the laptops have limitation in customization as compared to desktop. So always try to get high memory hard disk as like minimum of 1 TB so that you never have to regret in future.

5. Overall Build Quality

We always try our best to keep the laptop at a safe place and also, we carefully carry it to other places. However, due to a minor mishandling, laptops can be dropped and damaged. Therefore, you should check overall build quality. Always check for the protection grades provided to the laptops as some models come with military-grade protection or some have waterproof protection.

6. Graphics Memory

If you are buying a laptop for high-end graphics related work like gaming or movie creation or for Photoshop, then you should check for good graphics memory as you cannot increase it later in the laptop.

7. Keyboard Layout and Quality

As per laptop size, keyboard layout may vary due to Numpad. Therefore, if you wish to buy a small size laptop, then you will miss the Numpad. Also, if you do not wish to have Numpad on normal/large size laptop, then also you can easily find some models without Numpad.

Additionally, you can find some waterproof keyboards as well in high-end laptops.

8. Connectivity Ports

Input-output ports or connectivity ports play a very important role in transferring data from/to the other devices. Therefore, before buying a laptop you should check for the available ports with the latest version present on the laptop. At present different laptops are available with USB port 3.0 and above, along with the HDMI port.

9. Battery Backup

Apart from good performance, you should also keep your eyes on battery backup while purchasing a laptop, as it is also an important factor for a laptop. Always try to have a battery with 6 cells which can provide good battery backup while you are traveling.

10. Warranty and Support

Last but not least warranty and support should be excellent so that you will never get stuck if you face any issues. Having issues with laptops are very common now, therefore, once you have selected any laptop for buying, they you should check the warranty available with it. Warranty period varies company to company. Therefore, you should prefer a laptop with which you can get maximum service warranty and after-sales support. Some companies also give on-site warranty so that you do not have to visit their service centers for any troubleshooting or replacement.

Buying a laptop is a really tough job as there are lots of laptop brands available in the market with heavy discounted price. However, you have to be smarter while choosing a correct one for you. So, go through at least these important factors by keeping in mind that you should choose a laptop which can be used for 3-5 years.

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