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Huawei is supposedly deleting images which you have downloaded from Twitter. You can find a long conversation thread on Reddit talking about this bizarre issue.

It was first reported by a Huawei phone user in China on a Hong Kong forum. He shared a photo got deleted by the OS of Huawei phone. A similar case was reported from Taiwan.

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The first thing that comes to your mind is that is it really possible for a phone manufacturer to be prejudiced towards an app? Well, with the mobile OEM giant, nearly anything is possible. Twitter app on Huawei devices has been acting strangely as it deleted photos even you saved them.

A message comes up, “Twitter has deleted a photo from Gallery” This leaves you in confusion whether Huawei is blocking it now. However, Huawei denies having any connection with this.

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Actually, Twitter moves the downloaded images to a specific folder. The images are moved to File Manager/picture/Twitter. It is a new location and if you have been using Huawei smartphone, you must know about it.

Huawei has been questioned about the issue various times. Then, the phone manufacturing company examined the issue and discovered that a particular version of Twitter creates a folder and moves images there and also deletes them in the background. This warns Huawei hence it triggers the image protection warning. That’s why a user might think the image is deleted but the image is still there.

In short, it is not a glitch both from Huawei or Twitter, it is the way how  Huawei phone sees photos and Twitter deals with an image in the background.

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