How Will 3D Printing Revolutionize Our Lives?

The ability to print 3 dimensional objects certainly is one of the most promising technologies to have surfaced in the 21st century. And we are not far from the day when every house will have a 3D printer that would change our lifestyle drastically. Have you ever given it a thought what and how will our life be when that happens? You might have, but do we actually know the scope of this?

Well, before going ahead, let’s know what 3D printing is.

According to definition, “3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.” Basically, we need 3D printing to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods without consuming ample time. This has unlimited potential and can help build a better future. So, let’s take a stroll to the list given below and understand the implementations closely!

Customization Will Be Easier

Many a time it happens that we want certain things which are combination of several others of the same kind. And we have to settle down to the nearly similar one, we can entirely change this scenario when 3D printing is popular enough. A file with accurate extension is what we’ll need to do so! So, in a next few decades, the customization will be nothing like it is today!

3d print custmization


Lives Will Be Saved Without Investing A Fortune

Today, it takes a while to search the organ donors and we need to invest a lot in to get one. When 3d printing will be used actively, we would get the artificial organs in a jiffy and several lives would be saved.

Our Manufacturing Units Will Get Transformed For Good

Today our manufacturing units use traditional methods that are sometimes quite harmful to our environment. For instance, the production of tyres that emit harmful gases as well as toxic residue. With 3D printing, we will no longer need to stick to the traditional methods and our factories will become cleaner.

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Innovations Would Be Tested Soon

To prepare a design of the final model is just the first step a researcher accomplishes, the path beyond this is even more difficult to traverse! Preparing a working model takes plenty of time, and so does recognizing and improving model. We believe that with three-dimensional printing, researchers will not have to dedicate so much of their time.

Innovations Would Be Tested Soon


Our Shopping Experience Will Be Improvised

What do you think, if you have a 3D printer at home, will you ever step out to buy anything? We guess not and this will reshape the entire shopping industry! There are claims that even food chains will use it! And we can imagine the comfort of getting an espresso coffee without waiting for long!

Construction Will No Longer Take Time

In case you need to construct a multistory building, you won’t have to wait for years. If 3D printing continues to improve in a similar pace, then we can print our homes as well. So, all that wait of moving in your house will get reduced for sure!

Construction Will No Longer Take Time


These are a few things which we might witness in a decade or two. However, the 3D printing has raised too many issues regarding patent and copyright.

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How Intellectual Property Rights Will Be Handled?

This has been a mind-boggling topic for researchers since 3D printing was introduced! We don’t know how the patent and copyright laws will keep up with this emerging technology! If everyone will be capable of printing everything, without any authorization, then who’ll have rights to those objects? These questions have not been answered yet! It might be covered under Intellectual property law, but if someone is secretly printing, then how will the actual owner or the creator will know about it!

Definitely 3D printing has potential but if we are looking forward to improving it, then we need some modification in our laws as well. The patent holders can ask for exclusive rights for printing their models, but again we cannot be assured that no illegal printing will take place!

All we can do for now is wait for this amazing technology unfold, as the significant changes are made, the lawmakers may come up with laws to cope with this! We hope that we will be able to use this without restrictions!

If you have any more views, then do let us know about them in the comments section.

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