How To Watch TV Online? Top 6 Ways


Did you lose your DTH connection? Wondering, you would be able to fix it before your prime time television show airs tonight!  While we are all practicing social distancing and staying indoors to stop the spread of COVID-19. All we rely on is a lot of entertainment, now imagine having trouble with your dish antenna, cable service, etc. There are several video streaming services online which have tons of shows and movies to offer. But TV shows have their charm, so we learn how to watch TV online.


In this post, we would like to tell you about the possible ways to watch TV online. As long as you have an internet connection on a device, you can play your favorite TV shows on it.

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Ways To Watch TV Online

1. TV Network’s website

 The best bet to watch your favourite shows with continuity is on the TV network’s website. Various channels provide their shows simultaneously on their official websites. It helps them gain new users as well as keeping the traffic up and running for its updated matter. If not all, they do let you stream some episodes as they run a different schedule from the Telecast on TV. This way, you can easily watch the serials of TV shows on the official websites. The ABC, NBC, CBC, and several other networks in the US stream their shows on their websites with a delay of a few days or a week.

2. Paid Streaming services

paid streaming

There is Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, Disney+. Sling TV, DirecTV, and many more. It identifies with most of the TV shows that were streaming on your Cable TV. It might have all your shows uploaded before anywhere else. You need to pay to watch on these platforms, but you get so much more at that price. All these services have numerous TV shows, movies, documentaries, and animated series. It also gets its originals every once in a while, so fresh content to watch out for. However, paying for each service won’t be wise, so we suggest you get the free trials at first. It will help you decide which is the best streaming service for you.

3. Free Streaming services
fav streaming

There are plenty of free streaming services available online for you to look for your TV shows. It’s not always that you can find your favourite shows just on TV. Show producers and distributors always tie-up with other streaming services to increase their reach to consumers. There are plenty of options available that will showcase your shows for free. Some of them are Pluto TV, Crackle, LinkTV, Tubi, Roku Channel, and Popcornflilx. They have hundreds of live TV shows along with original shows, so you never go out of content for entertainment.

4. Mobile Carriers

Many mobile networks have tied up with the streaming service. This is easier to use as all you need to do is check the official website or call your customer care for more information. With specific plans, mobile network service providers like Verizon and AT&T are providing free streaming services to its customers. You can watch Disney+ and Netflix for free with the purchase of the plans from these network providers. Several offers go on for network providers, and you can check them out.

5. Library Card

Many libraries have partnered with Streaming services, and you can benefit from it. If you are a library cardholder, you can borrow the TV shows and movies for free. This works for the campus, public, and other libraries. With the library card, you can stream the TV shows online on the app or web browser. You will be required to enter your library card details to log in. Kanopy and Hoopla Digital are few of the library’s digital services to offer content for free.

6. Digital Camera

Well, with the help of a digital camera, you don’t need to invest in cable or satellite services. Just buy a good digital camera, and you can connect it with your device. It will pick up majorly the local channels so that you can be connected to the local news and sports channels. Although the success of digital antennas is limited and varies with the region, it still is an excellent option to watch TV without an internet connection. Channels like FOX, ABC, CBC, NBC are the ones that can be viewed with the help of Digital antenna.

To Sum up:

As you now know how to watch TV online with the above methods, it’s hard to miss your favourite shows. Also, check out these online resources to keep yourself busy with movies, games, and books.

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