How to watch Netflix offline on your PC

Internet TV shows is the next level of entertainment gaining immense popularity these days. We cannot deny the fact that very soon D2H and cable connections will become obsolete and people will have high bandwidth internet connections for the home entertainment. You can find many internet entertainment sources these such as Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube etc.

Although YouTube is a senior player, Netflix is the current dominant force ruling the internet entertainment industry. You can watch its shows online on almost all your devices.

What if you have a fluctuating internet connection and want to watch your favorite shows offline without any interruptions when you are free? Great news is that there is a way to download Netflix TV shows offline on your computer so that you can watch them later. Here is how to watch Netflix offline on PC.

  1. Download Netflix app from the Microsoft store.
  2. Once the store is open search for the Netflix app. It will look like this.
    watch netflix offline

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  3. Once you have the Netflix app downloaded on your computer log in with your credentials.
  4. Search for the show you want to download once you will see the download button below the show you have chosen to click on it to start download.
    watch netflix shows offline on pc
  5. When you are done with downloading and want to watch your show offline you can go to the menu (Three horizontal lines given at the top left corner) and can choose My downloads.
    watch netflix offline on pc
  6. You will find the list of downloaded videos here you can play the one which you want to watch and start enjoying it.
  7. Once you are done watching downloaded videos you can clear your download list. To do this click on the pencil icon given at the top right and then click on the check box of videos you want to delete then click on delete icon.
    offline netflix

2nd Method: Importing video files from other devices:

If you do not want to install an application on your PC and just want video files of your Netflix serials on your computer, then there is a simple work around to download them on your android device and then to copy them on your computer to watch later. So here we are describing another way to watch Netflix offline on your PC.

  1. Open Netflix app on your android device choose the video you want to download and watch offline.
  2. Once download is complete on your android device open file manager.
  3. Choose to show hidden files you can do this by going to options on your file manager more or less it depends on file manage app you have.
  4. Now go to the following path on the file manager.

Navigate to Device Storage > Android > data > > files > Download > .of

  1. Here you will see different folder with some strange names because Netflix do not give the same name of the serial to the folder, so it is a better idea to copy all the subfolders to another location on your SD card or on the device.
  2. Now attach your device to the computer using data cable and copy these videos on a drive on your computer to watch Netflix offline on PC on the default video player without having an active internet connection.
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This is how you can watch Netflix offline on your PC. Though Netflix app is free to download on your computer but still if you can save videos on your hard drive then it is nothing like it because you can see them later even without logging in to your Netflix account.

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