Coronavirus Quarantine: How To Use Technology Efficiently At Home During Pandemic Alert?

#stayathome: Coronavirus outbreak has insanely taken over the conventional daily routine. Where multiple offices are sending their employees on leave, schools and colleges are also on hold till this outbreak comes in control. At the same time, WHO has also declared coronavirus outbreak a pandemic situation, and it is a hell serious affair to look at.

Nowadays, traveling from one place to another is a grave thing to do to unwind yourself. Similarly, many of us are away from families and not able to enjoy crowded parties, move back to hometown or stuck in one single place. Yes, the situation is not so pretty everywhere, but we can show you a brighter side during this pandemic alert.

What To Do At Home During Coronavirus Pandemic Alert?

Spending time with your family during such a hustle-bustle work environment is a relief for all. You get to enjoy your hobbies that you couldn’t think of doing on weekends alone. Gardening, playing with your pet, learning how to knit or how to become a professional makeup artist, watching meaningful content on Netflix or simply giving time to your body with Yoga & meditation are some of the things running on top of my mind.

Meeting your friends with whom you couldn’t meet for weeks is another way to relish your moments, of course after wearing masks and using hand sanitizer! But let’s not forget the technology here! Your computer, phone, TV, and tablets are the most reliable ways to spend some time when home alone or even chilling out with a group of friends. The choice is absolutely yours, but we will try to help you with the question of how to use technology at home when coronavirus outbreak is running wild all over the world.

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1. Start Your Day With Yoga & Meditation

Start Your Day With Yoga & Meditation

Going out to gyms or running with the masses is not preferred by most of us as of now. But staying healthy and maintaining the breathing capacity to its fullest is the wisest thing to do. Yoga helps in improving breathing issues, manages body weight and keeps you calm. Meditation, on the other hand, is essential for your mental peace when things around you are are going against the wind.

Your phone apps, YouTube videos and multiple online channels are supportive of learning new exercises and techniques.

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2. It’s The Hobby Time

It’s The Hobby Time

While being busy in our lives, we are not able to find time for our hobbies like listening to music, gardening, writing or cooking. There could be so many things that you loved to doin childhood. So why not explore your same side once again? And technology has grown so much; you can take help from it to enhance your hidden aura.

Moreover, having homemade light food while listening to some cool music and reading before sleeping sounds really awesome to me! Let me know what suits you in the end.

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3. Meaningful Use Of Social Media

Meaningful Use Of Social Media

The reason I am using the ‘Meaningful’ term here is that excessive use of social media is indeed harmful to your mental and physical health. At one end you can choose to market your business from home, but at other, you can wantto waste your time over the same. I really hope you are choosing the former here!

Moreover, social media is a huge source of entertainment where TikTok videos can be made for fun, and you can choose to connect with the world through live videos. And yes, TikTok even helps in earning money in your free time, cool?

Not to forget, if you are not able to stop yourself from using social accounts, learn how to cure social media addiction in 11 easy steps.

4. Let’s Have Some Entertainment

Let’s Have Some Entertainment

Well, I totally agree that you cannot spend the whole day without watching some cool movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO. From sci-fi to crime, romantic to horror, there are so many genres available in different languages on these channels. Pick the one you like and enjoy some binge-watching with your family. And yes, do not forget to get cheese popcorns and some diet coke along.

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5. How About Some DIYs?

How About Some DIYs

Now there could be so much of ’Do It yourself’ activities ranging from makeup tutorials, home renovation to learning paint & graphics designing. I am not so happy about Coronavirus either but isn’t it giving you the best time to inculcate something new within you? I believe, Yes! Find your pick and enjoy!

6. Gaming Sessions

Gaming Sessions

Playing games alone is hell cool but how about indulging your family members too so that everyone can have time away from a regular day. I think it would be so cool, especially when online multiplayer games are here for you!

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7. Read Blogs Online & Watch YouTube Videos

Read Blogs Online & Watch YouTube Videos

Self-improvement or learning unique stuff every day can impact your knowledge of technology during the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are a tech-junkie or facing any tech-problem, you can always rely on Systweak blogs and their YouTube channel for the same. Not that I just want to promote it, the team genuinely puts extra efforts to make technology easier for you, and you can spend some quality time reading the blogs.

Thanks To Technology!

No one knows what the future holds for all of us but thanks to technology for already being imbibed in us so well that we are capable of spending our time fruitfully and easily. Think about the times when it wasn’t there, and people still survived. Now you don’t need just to survive, but enjoy, breathe and utilize technology until coronavirus settles down.

We Want To Hear From You!

How are you spending your hometime during coronavirus outbreak? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, tell us if this blog is helping you to have a fruitful time!

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