How To Use New Photos App Features In iOS 12?

iOS 12 came out with a lot of noticeable and exciting features. Apple has changed a lot of things, be it the control center or the way the Notification Center looks, everything seems to be new. One of the significant changes can be seen in the Photos app.

With the new changes in Photos app, sharing your precious moments is now easy. One of the newly added section ‘For You’ has taken Memories’ place. You can easily search photos in this revamped Photos app with ease.

Well using Photos app is not that difficult, however, if you have your doubts, we are here to help! In this post, we will discuss how to use the revamped Photos app on iOS 12.

How to Use the Photos App in iOS 12?

Looking for a specific photo in your Photos app? Well, it is not rocket science, it is easy. Let’s go through what changes Photos app have. You can browse to For You tab to get to Sharing Suggestions, which makes sharing photos with your loved ones easily.

Sharing suggestions provide you with suggestions to share photos with your friends. If you have identical faces in photos, the app would suggest you share them or else “Share with friends?” option will come up.

When you share your photos with friends using Sharing suggestions, then your friends with similar photos of the same event, date, time or location will get prompted to share images. So, you can get all your photos of the event without asking your friends for your images. The resolution of the photos will not be compromised while sharing the photos, so no issues when it comes to photos clarity while using Sharing suggestions feature.

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Steps To Use Sharing Suggestions Feature Of Photos

Step 1: Open Photos app and click For You.

Sharing Suggestions Feature Of Photos

Step 2: Tap on albums under sharing suggestions, you will get Photos.

Step 3: Select the photos that you wish to share & tap on Next.

Step 4: Now select a contact with whom you wish to share photos with and then click on Share in Messages.

Step 5: Under Sharing Suggestions in the Photos app, you will get Memories Section. It consists of a lot of photos and videos you have taken and converted into a memory. When you click on memory, it will take you to the photos related to that specific memory.

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You can also play memories with a Play button, this will bring up a collage of various photos with background music on the screen.

If you want to have a look at the ‘Related’ memories, then scroll till the end of the page and also you can also add memories to your favorite memories. Besides, you can delete memories.

Searching Your Photos Has Become Easy

iOS 12 has introduced intelligent search option which helps you search your photos easily. With this, you can search for a photo by either typing the location of the photo or the specific activity is done. Also, other keywords could be used to search to get a relevant photo. Apple has used device learning, the app has the ability to recognize the subject of images to narrow down the search, just like Google Photos.

Images are categorized in different methods, such as location and time. When you get to the search tab, you will see photos in different categories such as categories, recently searched, places and more.

Photos app introduced with iOS 12 is what we were longing for. Photos app has sharing suggestions, smarter approach to search, and memories to make the user experience better. Now with the new Photos app, you can manage photos and search them in no time. That’s it from us! What do you think of a new Photos app on your iPhone? Mention your thoughts in the comments section below.

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