How To Use Google Now on Tap On Android

When technology is aiming to simplify your life with latest upgradation, why not make the most of it by learning about them and efficiently using them. Recently, Google added a new feature in its application called Google Now and launched it with the name “Google Now on Tap”.

It’s a feature, wherein cards, with information relevant to your activities on smartphone just pop up. For instance, if you are looking for the nearest theater, with Google Now on Tap application, you will receive a card on your smartphone giving you directions and estimated travel time to the nearby theatre or if you start searching for a band, this application will give you info about their records and any incoming shows via a flashing cards.

The “on Tap” feature of Google Now allows you to gather more data after you make a request and permit it to interact directly with the application that you want to use or are using. This application is compatible with most of the Google products along with some third-party apps that have Android 6.0 i.e. marshmallow or more updated version.

Here, we will guide you on how to use Google Now of tap on Android.

First step: Once you have installed the updated version of Android, then you can activate this application. Turn it on by pressing and holding the home button of smartphone either available in hardware or software form.

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On the left, a message will pop up asking you to turn on the application. Launch this feature by saying “Ok Google” and ask any question about the app you are currently using. By swiping right on the screen, you can access Google Now as well as its settings.

As you will put information about any song or recipe, you will get links about the artists and the video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, IMDb, and other apps with similar data. This allows you to follow your favorite singers or chefs on social media platform and meanwhile listen to their song or recipe without having to open a different browser or perform a Google search.

Same applies for the movies, restaurants, venues, places to visit or anything of your interest. Especially when you search for places, you will get results for both nearby hotels and restaurants along with the reviews to help you make decisions.

But sometimes, On Tap gets it wrong that leaves scope for further upgradation. For instance, when you will try to launch Google Now on Tap application on Gmail application, you will receive a notification about a podcast’s new episode, which is currently available. But the Google Now application misreads the information and shows you restaurants of the similar name instead of podcasts. Sometimes, it shows you nothing and goes complete blank.

This leaves Google Now on Tap with immense scope of upgradation. This was all about this application, please comment in the section below.

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