How to Use Google Maps Navigation Offline

No matter how much the cellular data operators brag about their “100% network coverage” there are still times when we have to face utter disappointment. Especially, when we are out on road trips in remote areas, the time when we actually look forward to navigation apps. But unfortunately without data, our Smartphone just becomes a dumb gadget!

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was some mechanism to use Google maps offline? Yes, luckily there is! The innovation that Google apps pull out is always a step ahead of our thinking.

Not many of us are aware about this super cool feature of Google Maps. Let’s see how we can use Google maps navigation in Offline mode.

How to Use Google Maps Offline for Navigation

Whether you have an iOS device or Android the steps to enable offline navigation remain pretty much the same. Let’s see how it works!

  1. Launch Google maps on your Smartphone.
  2. Now tap on the three horizontal lines icon to access menu.

google map offline

  1. In the menu that appears on the screen, select “Offline Maps”.

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offline maps for google maps

  1. Now on the next screen tap on “Select your own map” if you’re accessing Google maps on Android device. iOS users need to select “Custom area” and proceed further.


download map for offline use

  1. The “Local” option does precisely what it sounds like: downloads your nearby area, with no ways to modify the area. If you’re looking for a simple offline map of where you currently are this option could prove out to be quite convenient.


download map

  1. Like we said earlier if you want to customize your map, you can select the “Custom Area” option on iOS and “Select Your Own Map” on Android.


download specific area of map

  1. Here you can increase/decrease the span of selection by pinching or zooming the screen.
  2. When you’ve settled in on an acceptable area, tap the download button. if you’re not on Wi-Fi, you’ll have to approve the download over mobile network.


download map over wifi or mobile data

Once you’ve downloaded the map, it will remain offline accessible for 30 days. At any point in near future if you need to modify an existing map area then jump back to menu and tap on the downloaded option you’d like to modify.

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Cool isn’t it? So next time if plan on taking a trip just follow these quick steps to download the offline map of the destination where you are planning to visit. (So, you never get lost again)

map offline

Bon Voyage ?

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