How To Use Google Home With Your iPhone

Google Home is one of the smart home speakers available in the market which eases your way out when you want to book an appointment, ask a question or get information about something. With Bluetooth support enabled for Google Home, you can use it whether you are an iOS user or Android user. With Google Home, you can do a lot of things.

Setup a Google Home with an iPhone

In this post, we have discussed how to use Google Home with iPhone, let’s get started.

Setup a Google Home with an iPhone

To use Google Home with your iPhone, you need to know whether your iPhone is connected to internet or not.

  1. To get started, you should have a WiFi connection and your iPhone should be connected to it along with your Google Home smart speakers.
  2. If you have just purchased Google Home and then, you will find the Speaker and a power cable while unboxing it.
  3. Connect the cable one end to an electrical outlet and the other to the speaker.
  4. Now, you will see Lights flashing on top of the speaker and you will be guided via computer-generated voice to download and install the mobile app of Google Home from App Store on your iPhone.
  5. Before launching Google Home app, make sure your iPhone is connected to Wifi network.
  6. On Welcome Home screen, on top of the screen, you will get a message “1 device found”. You will also see, SetUp icon, tap on it.
  7. Now you will hear a sound from the speaker, and on your iPhone’s screen, you will get a message, “Did you hear the sound?”  Tap on Yes to proceed.
  8. The app will ask, “Where is this device?” Tap on the options such as Den, Bathroom, Office or other. You can also type a name up to 24 characters.
  9. Select the name of your WiFi network. Now, you will be asked to enter the password for the same.
  10. Once the process is completed, you will be asked to Set Up Your Google Assistant.
  11. Now Google Home app will prompt to grant permission to let speakers access features of your smartphone and your internet connection. Tap on “Yes I’m in” to proceed.
  12. With inbuilt Voice Match feature, make your home speakers identify your voice. Tap Continue.
  13. Note: For every new voice added, you need to complete the same process.
  14. You will be prompted to say, “Hey Google” & “Ok Google” and tap Continue to proceed.
  15. You will get an option to select Assistant Voice. Select the voice that you prefer by putting a checkmark beside it.
  16. Now you will be asked to let your Google Home and Assistant access your personal information, tap on Allow from Allow Personal Results.
  17. Next, Google home will need your permission to access your location. Tap on Allow button and then confirm your home address.
  18. You will get options to add music services and by tapping on + icon add the music service and input the credentials when prompted.
  19. From the Almost Done screen, you can choose more options to customize Google Home functions such as adding your credit card n debit card details.
  20. Before completing the setup Google Home setup, the OS will be updated. You will get a screen “Does the Assistant respond?” Test the functionality by saying, Hey Google, what’s todays date? If you get a correct response, your Google Home setup is complete. Tap Yes, to finish the procedure.

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Start Using Google Home

As you are through with the Google Home setup, you can wake the speaker by saying Ok Google or Hey Google wake words and now it is activated to listen to your commands.

If you have gone through the music service setup with your Google Home, you can play music by saying the wake word followed by song title or band name or artist name. Furthermore, you can control the music with the speaker.

You can also acquire information or ask questions such as what’s the temperature or where is Empire State Building and much more. Your Google Home works fine with Google Chromecast, so you can play video and other content with verbal commands

How to Link Smart Devices

There are a lot of smart devices available in the market. Google Home can control the smart device which is compatible with it. After linking the device, you can control the device by using verbal commands. Let’s say you have a lighting system compatible to your Google Home, then you can give a verbal command, “Hey Google, turn off the bedroom lights” and “Ok Google, dim the living room light”

So, in this way, we can use Google Home with your iPhone and if you have an iPhone and installed Google Home, get them linked and start using the smart speakers with ease!

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