How To Use Google Home Hub At Home

Now that everything is getting smarter, why not your home! Google proudly has introduced its Home Hub, a smart speaker that takes care of your home smartly. The device is like any other smart speaker like Amazon Echo, Alexa etc. However, you do get a smarter screen that uplifts your smart speaker experience to a better level.

If you wish to upgrade your home with available modern techniques, smart speakers are there for you. However, it is important that you know how to use Google Home Hub beforehand so that you don’t regret your purchase. Today, we’re going to help you set up Google Home Hub in a few steps:

Google Home Hub

How to use Google Home Hub?

Once you’ve bought the device, it is time to set up Google Home Hub with your home. This includes linking the device with all the smart switches, bulbs, third party services etc. To start with, you just need to access the Home View menu by simply swiping down from the top of the device’s screen. There, you could see icons for various devices, which would be grouped by different categories. You may access the list of your smart devices by tapping the “view rooms” button.

  • Lights: To see the list of all the connected smart lights, you need to tap the ‘light bulb’ icon on your Google Home Hub. This way, you’re also able to toggle the lights on or off. Moreover, if the smart lights have dimmable property, you can control their brightness. You may perform the action to one or the group of lights with single interface.

Google Home Hub Lights

  • Thermostats: You can access the basic thermostat option inside the control menu. This way, you’re able to decrease or increase the room temperature. Also, you may set the target temperature of the particular area.
  • Locks: If you’ve got smart locks installed in your home, you can use Google Home Hub to lock or unlock all the connected ones. Upon triggering, the device would ask for the security code. In case, you’re not ready with the code, the device would only show the status of the lock, if it’s locked or unlocked.

Google Home Hub Locks


  • Cameras: Currently, the Home View menu only stream the live video feeds from a Nest camera. This way, if a camera is powered off, the device wouldn’t allow controlling its operation or switching it on.
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Taking everything into account, it is understood that smart speakers are going to be the future domestic requirement. Once you’re aware of how to use Google Home Hub, it not only provides you with luxury but also helps you in home security, power saving etc. Now that it is not hard to set up Google Home Hub, you get the hold of a “future device “to get the max out of it. If you wish to share some tips and tricks related to Google Home Hub, do let us know in the comments below.

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