How To Use Currency Converter Tool In Windows 10?

When in a foreign country, we calculate the money in native currency first and then move out. For this we use Google Search and type in something like “convert 10 pounds to dollars”. Without much ado the result is in front of us. Imagine if there is a network issue then, what will you do? In such a situation if you have Windows 10 then you are lucky.

The latest Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 has an in-built currency converter. By using the Calculator app, you can convert the currency without waiting for network connectivity. The app will save all your efforts of opening the browser and typing the search phrase to convert currency.

As this feature is hidden you won’t be able to find it without a set of instructions. This is where we come in this article we will explain you how to use it and make things simple and easy.

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How To Use The built-in Currency Converter Tool In Windows 10?

After knowing the fact that your Windows 10 has a currency converter tool, you must be happy. To use it simply follow the step by step instructions provided below:

  1. In the search field of your Windows 10 type Calculator. You will be able to see list with search results select it and press enter.

2. This will open the Calculator app. Now to get the Currency option click on three lines present at the left side of Calculator app. From the drop down list select Currency option.

currency calculator

Note: You will be able to see this option only if your Windows is updated.

3. This will open a new window with Dollar and Euro selected by default. To change the currency, click on the down next to currency name.

4. Windows 10 automatically updates the exchange rates, but if the rate is not updated connect to the Internet and click on Update rates to refresh the exchange rates.
update rates

5. Once you have selected the currency enter the value that you want to convert. It will instantly show you the converted amount.
currency converter

Currency converter is a nifty tool in Windows 10 but is impressive and works well. The major advantage is – no need of internet connection except for updating the rates. Plus, it is an easy one step process rather than the lengthy one where we need to open the browser type in the search criteria and get the result.

Alternate Way To Convert Currency

Calculator is not the only way to convert currency using Windows 10. You can also use Cortana Windows digital assistance. Just type your query in Cortana’s search bar or issue a voice command to get your values converted via default search engine.

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Hope you find the steps simply and easy to use. If you face any problem let us know.

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