How to Use Apple’s Find My App Rightly

iOS 13 made its official debut a few months ago, and surprisingly it came loaded with a ton of features and performance improvements. This new update not just gave a revamped look to the iOS interface with the “Dark Mode” feature but also included a bunch of security enhancements to make our devices less prone to threats.

Talking of security, we’ve all heard of Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, right? Find My iPhone app has always been a crucial part of iOS devices. It has been an ideal companion for helping us track out lost iPhone devices with ease. Apart from this, Apple also featured a separate Find My Friends app that allowed us to keep a track of our close ones, to see where they are located geographically and access their current location on the map.

Apple Find My App
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Amongst all the other great additions that rolled out along with iOS 13 update, Find My app is also a notable highlight, in case you missed checking it out. Wondering what Find My app is all about? Well, it’s nothing new but a combined version of two of our favorite apps, the Find my iPhone and Find My Friends app. Apple’s Find My app allows you to track your iOS devices as well as contacts and friends in a single space. With the help of Apple’s new Find My app, you can keep track of all everything that’s close to your heart including lost devices, friends and family members.

So, to make the most of this service, here are a few Find My app tips and tricks that will allow you to use this app rightly.

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How to Keep Track of Friends with Find My App

Using the Find My app is pretty simple! As soon as you’ll launch the app, you will see it is broadly divided into three different sections: People, Devices and Me.

How to Keep Track of Friends with Find My App
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In the People section of the app, you can locate all your friends on the map while getting access to their current location. Here’s how you can add friends or family members to start sharing location.

Tap on the “Share my Location” option and then select the contact from your phonebook with whom you wish to share your current location. Once you send the location sharing invite to a friend, you can also customize for how long you want them to see your current location like for an hour, until the end of the day or forever.

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As soon as they accept your location invite, they will be able to see your current location in their device’s Find My app. For you to view the location of your contacts, ask your friends or family members to follow the same process on their iOS device while they send you a location invite. After accepting their request, you will see their name displayed in the People tab of Find My app. In this way, you can always keep a track of your close ones, so that you never panic wondering where they are in case they don’t’ respond for a long time.

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And it Gets Better…

If you and your BFF are inseparable, then you can also make a few changes in the Find My app settings. You can also opt for location-based alerts to get notified when your close one left a specific area or location. Find My App allows you to set up notifications for arrival and departure based on a contact’s current location that can help you in keeping up-to-date with your friend’s whereabouts.

Find My App
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To use this feature, tap on any contact name that’s already added on your Find My app contact list. Tap on the “Add” option right underneath “Notifications” and tap on “Notify Me”. Follow the on-screen instructions and customize the setting as per your preference depending on how much information you want to keep track of.

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How to Find Lost Devices with Find My App

In the “Devices” section of the Find My app, you can keep track of all your Apple devices collectively in one space including your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook.

The process of keeping track of lost devices is pretty much the same as how you used the “Find My iPhone” app previously.

To enable this security feature, head on to the Settings section, tap on your Apple ID profile name, select “Find my iPhone” and turn it ON. Follow the same set of steps on your iPad and Mac as well to enable location sharing.

enable location sharing
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Unfortunately, if any of your Apple devices ever gets stolen, you can track its current location to find it back. But for this, make sure you remember your Apple ID and password (by heart) so that you can instantly locate your lost devices on the map right away via this link.

As soon as you sign up with your Apple ID and password on any other device to this link, you will see a bunch of new features like “Play Sound” that remotely triggers a sound that helps you tracking lost device with ease. With the help of the “Directions” feature, you can get an approximate idea of how far you’re from your lost device.

find my device
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But one of the best things that you can do to safeguard your device is by labeling it as “Mark as Lost”. This will immediately put your device in lost mode and all your private notifications won’t be displayed on the screen meanwhile. So, even if a stranger or thief gets hold of your device, they won’t be able to unlock your device or view any of your personal data.

So fellas here were a handful of Find My app tips and tricks to easily keep track of all your personal belongings including Apple devices, friends and family members. For any other queries or feedback, feel free to hit the comment box.

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