How to Unlink Facebook & Instagram Accounts

Facebook and Instagram are two of the widely used social media platforms. So much so, that many users have linked the two so as to seamlessly publish content on both platforms. While linking both accounts is simple and in fact great if you want to follow any Facebook friend on Instagram or directly post on your Facebook account from your Instagram account, there are some who might want to unlink Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Here Is Why?

Privacy – It is one of the core reasons why you might to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram. Afterall,  many users may give more importance to their security than ease of use. Yes! Some of us may not be willing to link their account or if already linked want to unlink them.

This How-to article shows how to unlink Instagram and Facebook accounts with these easy to perform steps. So, if you want to have your social media accounts safe and secure, proceed with the steps below:

Unlink Instagram and Facebook Accounts:

  1. Login to your Instagram account from your Android or iOS device.
  2. Now navigate to Options and then search for Settings. Once on Settings, scroll down to locate Linked Accounts and click on it.Unlink Instagram and Facebook Accounts
  3. This will give you the list of account that are linked with Instagram. Search Facebook and then click on Unlink.Unlink Instagram and Facebook Accounts
  4. iOS device users will be asked to confirm before unlinking. Simply click on Yes, I’m sure.

Once this is done, both your accounts will be unlinked. This means if you post anything on Instagram, your friends on Facebook will not receive notifications for that and vice versa.

Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook

Now that you have unlinked both the accounts you will not be able to see posts on one account to be reflected on another. But, what about the posts that have already been posted in the past? In case you want to unlink or delete them too, Facebook will make your work easy.

To do so, login to your Facebook account and then proceed with the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Facebook Account Settings and then click on Apps.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  2. Under Apps and Websites, locate the heading Logged in with Facebook and click on it.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  3. Search for Instagram and click on it.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  4. Scroll down and tap on Remove App.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  5. Click Remove from the new window to confirm.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook

Once this is done all the Instagram posts that were on Facebook will be removed.

Though, it’s good to link your social media platforms for making your social media experience better and easy. However, it is up to you to decide what’s your priority? Linking both the accounts for ease or unlinking Facebook and Instagram accounts for more secure social media environment?

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