How to Unlink Facebook & Instagram Accounts

Do you know how to unlink Facebook and Instagram? People love to publish content on both platforms. By linking Facebook and Instagram makes it simple to follow a Facebook friend on Instagram. Also you can directly post on your Facebook account from your Instagram account. But if you are not interested in showing your posts on the other platform, it is possible to unlink the accounts. This article shows how to unlink Instagram and Facebook accounts with these easy steps. 

Why should you unlink Facebook & Instagram?

One of the core reasons as to why you might to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram is Privacy. With the accounts linked, your posts are available on other platforms as well. The contacts on one platform can discover you on the other easily. However, Facebook is not Meta and you will still find some relation between all its applications. But if you do not wish to have the same following on Instagram, you might consider unlinking Facebook. 

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Unlink Instagram and Facebook Accounts:

  1. Login to your Instagram account on your Android or iOS app.
  2. Now navigate to your profile picture and then tap on the menu bar and head to Settings.settings
  3. Once on Settings, scroll down to locate Accounts Center and tap on it. Afterwards, go to the Accounts and open it.accounts
  4. In the Accounts tab, you can view all your connected accounts in one place. Here you need to select the Facebook account your wish to unlink from your Instagram. Tap on the Remove on the selected account.remove
  5. The next screen on your smartphone will show you the details of the linked Facebook account, click on Continue. After that the confirmation message with the details will show and you need to tap on the Remove button once again.


Once this is done, both your accounts will be unlinked. This means if you post anything on Instagram, your friends on Facebook will not receive notifications for that and vice versa.


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Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook

Now that you have unlinked both the accounts you will not be able to see posts on one account to be reflected on another. Similarly, you can also unlink others apps from your Facebook accounts. But, what about the posts that have already been posted in the past? In case you want to unlink or delete them too, Facebook will make your work easy.

To do so, login to your Facebook account and then proceed with the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook app and make sure to login then head to the profile and tap on the three dots to see more options.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  2. Here go to the Activity log and locate Manage Your Posts under Your Posts.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  3. Now select the Filters and go to the Categories. Now, on the next screen, open Posts from other apps.Remove Pre-existing Instagram Posts from Facebook
  4. Search for all the Instagram posts from the list and then remove them by tapping on Trash.

Once this is done all the Instagram posts that were on Facebook will be removed.

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Wrapping up –

Though, it’s good to link your social media platforms for making your social media experience better and easier. However, it is up to you to decide what your priority is. We have given you the easy steps to understand how to unlink Facebook and Instagram. 

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