How to Unfreeze an Android Smartphone

On somedays, your smartphone ditches you when you need it the most. Yes, exactly when wanted to make an important call or before you were to deliver a project via email.

Yet, what makes them frustrating, much like computers, are crashes and freezes. You’d hate your phone the most when these things hit you. But wait, give a moment to it and try fixing the issue. Freezing issue persist on both platforms- iPhone and Android (though the frequency and intensity largely differs). Here is an easy guide on how to fix a frozen Android phone. If you’d like learn unfreezing hacks on iPhone, click here

How to fix a frozen Android Phone

If you’re running an older version of Android, you might face this issue often. The newer versions of Android are developed with an in-built ability to run a smartphone with smoothness. Yet some of these phones aren’t compatible with higher versions. If you are using such a device, here is a quick guide on how to unfreeze an Android smartphone.

  • Force stop a frozen app:

There are certain apps that cause this glitch on your Android. Applications can cause freezing for many reasons. Some of them are: not updating the app, if the app is poorly coded, you don’t have enough space on your phone or even when you don’t have a strong internet connection. You should force stop the faulty apps. To do this, go to the settings of your phone> Apps> tap on the app> tap on Force Stop> confirm.

  • Restart your phone:

Restarting your phone is one of the sure fix for unfreezing your device. You can restart your device by simply pressing down the power button and then tapping on the power off button on your screen. Once it is properly switched off, you can again switch on your phone by holding down the power button.

  • Force-restart your phone:

You can use force-restart method when the above mentioned method isn’t working. If you’re trying to power off your device, yet it isn’t responding to your command, you should head on to force-restart. This can be done by holding down the power and volume up button together until the screen goes blank/dark once and then your phone restarts. Force-restart won’t require any additional user action or command.

  • Remove the battery:

If you run an Android with removable battery, you can remove it to unfreeze your smartphone. This will disable all its functionalities on your phone until you re-attach the battery and turn it on. In case, all other hacks fail, you can open back flip of your phone and remove the battery. After a few seconds, attach the battery again and turn on your device.

  • Restore to factory defaults:

If your device freezes a lot (like literally a lot), you can opt for factory reset. This will remove all cluttered content on your phone. But before you do that, you should backup your device data offline. This way you’ll have all your content safe with you yet your phone won’t get affected by it. You can use Right Backup app to backup your data on cloud.


Once the data is backed up, you can go to your phone settings> tap on Backup & reset> Factory data reset> Reset Phone> Confirm the password (if you have set any).

These are some of fixes to unfreeze your smartphone. Other than these, you should also maintain data storage on your phone since this is another reason for your phone to freeze.

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