How To Take Better Selfies With Your Smartphone Camera

Selfies are a fun way to capture moments with friends and share them with others. Contrary to popular belief, clicking good selfies can be quite a task as a wrong facial expression, pose, lighting and background can ruin the quality of the selfie. People are never satisfied with the first click, as nobody looks perfect in a single frame. But some fantastic tips and tricks can make it much easier to take decent selfies.

According to Samsung data “Selfies account for almost 33 percent of all photos taken in 2014 by people between the ages of 25 and 33”.

“The world seems obsessed with taking them, and posting them online. They’re most common in Australia, followed by the U.S. and Canada”.


Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Smartphone’s Camera

· Background matters

Let’s face it, beautiful background attracts everybody. As per the latest trend, without a decent background some people might not be able to see its value. If you don’t look good in the image background image covers it up for you and you still get good number of likes on your display picture. Around greenery, fancy streets, lighting, beaches and mountains are some of the evergreen backgrounds.

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· Perfect lighting

Photography and lighting always come together. Clicking a selfie in correct lighting decides whether you a good photographer or a massive spoiler. Always pay attention towards the accurate lighting when you are taking a selfie. You can try to click it near a window, that’s what I do.

· Angle it right


Taking selfie from right angle makes a huge difference in your picture and each angle has a specialty of its own. You just need to try it out, whenever you elevate the camera or tilt down you get best solo selfie. However, if you are taking a groupie, ask the tallest person to click it, so that everyone’s face will be visible.

·  Use Camera Timer

When you try to capture yourself with one hand, it’s difficult to click with same angle and expressions. But whenever you use camera timer to click a selfie you just need to focus on your pose instead of pressing the camera button. It is a easy and a quick way to take a good selfie.

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· Prefer natural light

Taking a selfie in natural light will make you look more beautiful and natural, it enhances the quality of your skin, hair in the picture. It will make your hair look super shiny and skin smooth.  You can also show your creativity with shadows so take the advantage of natural light and shine in your selfie.

· Do Experiments


Do not hesitate to try different creative experiments for every photo. You can click while drinking, eating or you may try out various way of clicking selfie, such as including your dog in photo, holding a baby, playing with cat, holding bright flowers, or hanging out with friends. These kinds of pictures are really simple and cute.

· Pose right

Trying different angles undoubtedly help you in clicking a good selfie, but posture matters too. Sometimes you copy your friend and see he/she looks amazing in same pose but you don’t. It happens because everyone has their own style, we call it our “Signature pose”. So try to figure it out what suits you best and makes you look great.

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· Look at the lens

When you pose to take a selfie and you focus on something else apart from lens that will spoil the entire picture and it might make you look like a squint, in other words you might look amazing in a selfie but your eyes say otherwise.

· Take a Full-Length Photos


Taking a full-length photo, is more interesting than just clicking a face. People like to see more than a face, like your dressing style, your haircut, shoes, jeans etc. It is always fun to flaunt.

·  Download Photo Apps

Using different selfie apps will help you to retouch your photos to adjust your skin brightness, tone, to remove wrinkles and allow you to reshape your face as well. You can change your appearance in just few clicks. You can also use collage to display all the photos together.

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·  Smile and Say cheese


Nothing cheers us but a smile. Smile is an expression to show your happiness and make you look more pretty and handsome. Your smile can lift you and your loved ones high. Make sure you smile every time to get good a selfie and to stay healthy. So, go ahead and keep clicking.

Don’t think twice before uploading your selfie on Facebook, Instagram as, you have learned to take a wonderful selfie on your own. Every day you will find the perfect selfie that works for you and you will be happy to show off, how amazing you look every time you click. Make sure you don’t forget to do something interesting in every selfie but never overdo it.

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