How to Sync Windows Cortana Reminders to your Smartphone

Windows 10’s environment enriches a lot of useful features that tend to make our experience smoother and delightful with every new update. A few years back, Cortana was originally introduced on Windows 10 PC, mobiles and Xbox One. It was hailed as Microsoft’s official virtual voice assistant which works across all your devices and integrates with hundreds of Windows apps.

Cortana is a smart voice assistant for Windows which also allows you to set reminders with your voice. These reminders often pop on your desktop screen so that you can take care of all your important errands. But what if you set a reminder like, for instance “Hey Cortana, remind me to buy eggs from grocery store” but you totally forgot about it on your way to home? Is this reminder of any good then? No, right! We can’t carry our desktops along with us all day long. But yes, we do have our Smartphones.

Windows Cortana Reminders

Fortunately, Windows 10’s Cortana reminders can be synced to your iPhone or Android device so that you never miss on anything important even when you’re away from your PC. Here’s a quick guide on how to sync Cortana reminders from Windows to smartphones.

Let’s get started!

Install the Cortana Mobile App

Like they say, first things first! Install the Cortana mobile app from app store or Play store depending on your device type. Once the app is successfully installed on your iOS or Android device, launch the application on your phone.

Install the Cortana Mobile App

When you launch Cortana app for the very first time on your device, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account. Yes, pretty much the same one with which you’re logged in on Windows. And yes, if you’re using Windows with a local account, you first need to sign in with a Microsoft account to proceed further.

Now you will receive a prompt on your device’s screen as Cortana will request you to send notifications, see your current location etc. Go ahead and tap on “Allow” so you can receive notifications about reminders. Once you share your current location with Cortana, it’ll be able to send you location-based reminders as well based on your current geographical location. Say, if you’re at a grocery store or if you have to pick your kids from school while you’re on your way to home.

reminder list

How to Sync Reminders from Windows to Smartphone

Like we said earlier, you can sync reminders created on Windows PC to your smartphones let’s get started. To create a new reminder on Windows PC first launch Cortana and set any reminder with date, description and time. You can create a reminder say “Hey Cortana, remind me to buy milk from grocery store at 8 PM”.

Cortana will then save your reminder on its notebook. You can view all your saved reminders in the notebook. To open notebook tap the tiny “Notebook” icon on left of Cortana window. Here you can add or remove reminders and organize it in a list however you like.

Sync Reminders from Windows

Now, as soon as the time will arrive you’ll be notified on your Smartphone as well as on PC. so that you don’t miss on anything even if you’re away from PC.

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And Remember…

meetings & reminders

On your Smartphone, launch Cortana app, open settings and make sure that the “Meetings and reminder cards and notifications” option is enabled. If by any chance this option is disabled, you won’t receive any push notifications on your Smartphone irrespective of what you do.

So, folks here were some quick tips on how to sync Cortana reminders from Windows to Smartphones. We hope now you’ll never miss on taking care if important errands.

Good Luck!

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