How To Stop Social Media From Manipulating Us

Whether you agree or not, Social media platforms take up a lot of an individual’s time. Waking up in the morning and scrolling through your feed is a routine for most of us. Have you ever thought about how it affects our brain? A habit of posting daily activities on social media platforms has been an addiction. Approximately 3.5 billion people are using social media platforms in the world. This is a large number as compared to the stats of basic amenities reaching people. This has to stop somewhere, right? If you are up for it, let us know how to stop social media from manipulating us.

1. Social Media Is The Source For News

It might look harmless, but you need to understand that a large proportion of people around the world believe whatever is being posted on social media. This has been a cause of innumerous incidents where people had to suffer because of a piece of false news

It gets really dark when people get hurt, and we need to draw a line now. It’s time we understand that we must not believe everything on social media. This can create an outbreak in some people when it is in disrespect to any of them. It has been used for more irresponsible tasks than to help to reach out to people in need.

What Should We Do About It?

First, we ought to confirm whatever we read online. Second, we have to act responsibly as our actions can cause conflicts. You should not repost, share, or support anything to strengthen the news which is not yet confirmed. More people supporting something blindly can make it more believable. Refrain from such acts to let the platform stay clean and not filled with misleading news.

2. Not So Social

This might look contradicting, but it is true, being on social media has drawn us away from living our real life. We have been spending so much time online that has affected our relationship with the people around us. So much prominence is laid on being online that we forget about the real world. It is rather making us lonelier than ever because we sit with our phones more than interacting with people.

People tend to communicate less with the person sitting next to them and rather stay glued to the phones. Staying updated on the latest celebrity gossip is what we emphasize more these days. Social media platforms were supposed to connect us with the world rather than creating gaps within the walls we survive in.

3. Affecting Our Health

We care more about Digital existence than our health. It has been brought to notice that a lot of people suffer from low self-esteem because they constantly compare themselves to the people online. It has been a recent trend to get the best pictures clicked of yourself, your food, your room. It can be anything from the world you live in and social media demands it to be perfect for the presentation.

Many of us suffer in bringing this idea of social media picture perfect life to be applied with all around us. And when we fail to do so, this happens to annoy us, some might react with anger while others sink into depression.

This is not all, people believing all the highly edited material tend to get to this level and more often fail. Do You Know About The Dopamine Conspiracy Behind Like, Share & Comment?

4. Distraction

We are sent a notification on each update which distracts us from the task at hand. It was designed to be put there so you don’t get away from the approach at any time. With every notification, we are urged to visit the websites. They succeed in bringing us back repeatedly until we find it as a norm for daily life. Though the information can be read after a time we tend to draw ourselves to it as our life depends on it. Thus, making this habit inseparable from us even when we are at work or with friends and family.

This has filled our heads with unnecessary information which we might never need. But we scroll-like something will be missed and we can’t let that happen. It has become an obsession for us, and we can’t seem to get out of the vicious circle.

What Can We Do About It?

To curb your habit of giving social media so much importance, we need to cut the time we spend on it. To do so, we have to be very compulsive in using a method that makes sure we follow the guidelines.

Since most people use social media sites on their phones, we must get a third-party tool to curb their addiction. Here we recommend using Social Fever, an app for Android phones which stays true to its tagline ‘Reconnect with the Real World’. It works with the latest Android OS as well and comes with all the necessary features to limit your phone usage. Get it now from the download button given below –

Also, Social Fever helps you to reconnect with the world out there as well as the quality time you should be spending on other activities. It keeps reminding you to drink water to avoid dehydration. Moreover, Social Fever helps keep a check on our health by reminding us to give a break to our eyes and eardrums. It can calculate the total time spent on the phone daily along with each social app separately. You can add a time limit for each application individually and then you can use it to curb the addiction. This works as a perfect mode to remind you to get off your phone when not needed.





It helps you to track the time you spend on your phone using social media apps. It reminds you to take a break and indulge in hobbies that will keep you satisfied.

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We are the ones who should take charge of our lives, rather than leaving it on some strategy which is making us miserable day by day. Strong willpower to curb the obsession and little knowledge to distinguish between right and wrong is what we need to act smart and correctly make use of social media.

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