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We are heading towards a phase where more powerful phones are showered with new technologies, efficient hardware, but the software is affecting the performance of Android. It is seen that the major problems that arise in the phone are because of software, hardware rarely is a cause of any trouble.

The slowing down of Android phones with time is inevitable. However, the situation becomes disturbing when you go on the home button and launch some app; it takes a lot of time and seems as if it is never going to start!

So, what can be done? Perhaps you can clean your Android phone to get rid of the above-mentioned problems? Definitely, you should! You will be able to improve its performance by cleaning the junk.

And that’s why we have got ways and means to bring a new touch to your Android phone. Take a look!

  • Get rid of Useless Apps and Bloatware:-

We download apps with great interest without thinking its usefulness since apps are available for free on Google Play Store! But these apps are big time space eaters. The apps occupy space on the phone and demand more attention from CPU.

Apart from the apps, bloatware is all of that extra software which is inbuilt in our phones.  Bloatware use considerable RAM and disk space to install and run. So, if you don’t use some apps and bloatware, then you got to uninstall the apps and disable the bloatware! Discover the Free space.

Get-rid of use less apps


  • Clear App Caches:-

Cached data of applications collects with time and results in poor performance of the phone. Delete the cache of each application individually to free a chunk of space.

Clean Android Cache


  • Cut Down Use of Widgets and Live Wallpapers:-

Widgets are a useful tool in our phones, but keeping too much of them will absorb the battery of our phone.  Reducing the number of widgets will make your phone run smoother.

Apart from widgets, Android provides a feature to use live wallpapers.  These fancy live wallpapers are also the culprit of draining battery from your phone. Avoid using them to last your battery for longer time.

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Remove Live Wallpapers


  • Update Software Regularly:-

The developers keep on releasing new software updates for their devices. Consider it important that you keep on upgrading software for they tend to rectify bugs and ensure the stability of your device.  Go to Settings> Select About Phone> System updates, to see if any updates have been released or not.

update android software


  • Turn off Animations:-

Android phones come with an attractive feature of animations to engage users. Animations look good when the phone is new but as time fades away, these features only bother us by degrading the speed of our Android phone.

The solution is to either disable these animations or slow down them. To do this, enable the Developer Option. Go to Settings> About Phone and tap the Build Number multiple times to set the mode on.

turn off android animation

Once the Developers option is enabled, go to Settings> Developer Options and then scroll down. You will find options like Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale, and Animator duration scale. These options are set in prior to 1x. But to improve performance, lower the level of all three to 0.5 x or simply switch them off.

Follow these tricks and speed up your Android! Stand by for more.

Smart Phone Cleaner to Speed up Slow Android


Well, how about using an app for the above-mentioned tasks?  Use Smart Phone Cleaner to manage apps, clean cache and boost performance of your Android device.  No manual efforts; just few clicks and get speedy Android!  It aims at:

  • Cache Cleaning
  • Managing Apps
  • Regaining valuable Memory space
  • Increasing battery life
  • Boosting performance of Android device

Download and Install this app to speed up slow running android phone!


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