How to Setup Echo Dot in Car to Make your Riding Experience Easier

From changing the room temperature to turning on/off the lights, voice assistants make our smart home a pleasant place to stay. We can easily accomplish our day to day tasks with the help of our voice commands. Using voice assistants and getting things done with the help of these tiny marvels is not just easier but is also entertaining. Talking of voice assistants, Amazon Echo Dot device holds a giant space in this segment. With Amazon Alexa’s assistance, we can do a handful of things at our home by talking and murmuring a few voice commands.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could use Echo Dot smart speaker in your car as well? Yes, you heard that right. Why just limit your Alexa experience to your home? Did you know you could easily install your Echo Dot device in your car while making the most of Alexa’s capabilities? You can get live traffic updates of your upcoming route, control music, get navigation assistance, stream Internet radio, listen to headlines, and do a couple of other actions on hands-free mode without leaving the steering wheel. Awesome, right?

Setup Echo Dot in Car
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So, here’s a complete guide on how to set up Echo Dot in your car to take your riding experience to a whole new level with Alexa’s assistant.

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How to Set Up Echo Dot Device in Your Car

How to Set Up Echo Dot Device in your Car
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Wondering how to connect your Echo Dot device to your car? As we are all aware, voice assistants need a constant power source to work. So, for this, you can plug your Echo Dot device in your vehicle’s 12v power source with the help of a standard USB charger.

The next step is to connect your Echo Dot with an Internet connection. For this, you can use your smartphone’s mobile data in the form of the hotspot to make your Echo Dot device functional.

By default, your Echo Dot device must be connected to your home’s WiFi network. So, you might just need to change this default network setting to use Echo Dot in your car. Here’s what you need to do.

Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone and head on to Settings> Device Settings.

Select the Wireless> WiFi network and then hit on the “Change” button to alter your default network choice.

Select the Wireless
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In the meanwhile, make sure that you’ve already enabled your phone’s hotspot feature so that your smartphone’s mobile data can be used by Echo Dot for Internet connectivity.

Jump back to Echo Dot’s primary setup page and follow the on-screen instructions to set up this new Internet connection.

And that’s all folks! Your Echo device will not be active in your car’s environment and from this point forward, it will be using your smartphone’s mobile data for Internet functioning.

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Pair it with your Car’s Stereo

To expand the Echo Dot device’s experience, you can also connect the device with your car’s in-built music stereo. In this way, you would be able to interact with Alexa on-the-go with better sound clarity easily.

So, pair your Echo Device with your car just like you connect your mobile device. Once you’ve successfully paired your Echo Dot device, you can have better control for streaming music with Alexa’s assistance.

Make Your Rides Better!

Echo Dot is finally installed in your vehicle! Wondering what’s next? You can do a variety of actions with your Echo Dot device and Alexa’s assistance. Get live traffic updates, stream music, play some games during the journey to make your road trips better, enjoy easy navigation and more.

Just Remember…

There are a handful of reasons why you should install the Echo Dot device in your car. But yes, as your Echo Dot device is solely dependent on your smartphone’s mobile data, make sure you have a decent data plan opted to cover yourself.

Echo Dot device
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Also, another quick tip, as the Echo Dot device can keep falling from your dashboard’s surface due to vehicle movement, carry a double tape along to fix it nicely, so that it doesn’t interrupt you during the rides.

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Here was a quick guide on how to setup Echo Dot in your car to make the most of your driving experience. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Alexa in your car? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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