How to Set up an Alternate Face with Face ID?

When Face ID system was launched with iPhone X people got excited and Tim Cook called it “future of smartphone.” As the new system allowed user to unlock their device with their face. But there was a drawback, only one face could be setup to unlock the phone using Face ID.

Certainly, it is a good thing as it offers more security. No one can unlock your phone but in case of emergency this feature turns out to be a bane then a boon. But with iOS 12 this problem is handled.

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To setup second person for Face ID follow the steps below:

Note: The setting is hidden but following the step by step instructions explained below will help setup an alternate face with Face ID.

How to Setup Alternate Face with Face ID?

  1. Head to settings on your iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR.
  2. Look for Face ID and Passcode.
    How to Set up an Alternate Face with Face ID
  3. Enter the passcode you have setup.
    How to Set up an Alternate Face with Face ID -2
  4. Now look for Set Up an Alternate Appearance option.
    How to Set up an Alternate Face with Face ID -3Note: You’ll see this option only when Face ID is already setup. If this is the first time you are setting up Face ID the option you will see will read “Set Up Face ID.” You’ll need to select this first. Additionally, if no passcode is created you’ll be prompted to create a passcode as an alternate method is the safest bet to unlock phone in case camera doesn’t work.
  5. Next, follow on screen instructions to setup Face ID for the second person. You’ll need to scan in the alternative face of the second person of your own. A face portrait will appear, and you’ll receive instructions to move your face and calibrate the sensor. Follow the instructions until you see a message that reads face scan is complete.Note: If you face any problem in setting up the alternate face make sure the face is centered is iPhone is not too far. Also, you need to be in better lightning or adjust face position to improve scanning.
  6. Once done, you will be able to see both the face data sets and now can use either of them to unlock your iPhone.
    How to Set up an Alternate Face with Face ID -4

    : Now that you have set an alternate face for Face ID if you want to replace it with another one you will need to Reset Face ID. Once you tap the option, to reset Face ID all Face ID data will be erased, and you’ll have to follow the complete process. But this is the only way to get second Face ID removed or replaced.
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What is the Need of Setting up an Alternate Face ID?

You must be wondering why Apple has given an option to setup alternate Face ID in iOS 12? What is the need of setting up an Alternate Face ID?

First and foremost, in case of emergency when you want someone to use your phone an alternate Face ID can help because sharing passcode is more sensitive. But with “Alternate Appearance” enabled you can allow other person whom you trust to make a phone call and call for help.

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Second, if your iPhone fails to recognize you due to lightning or makeup then an alternate Face ID can help in unlocking the phone.

Alternate Appearance is similar to Touch ID where you add four or five fingerprints in your device to allow your close ones to unlock your phone.

We hope you found the article informative and would like to use more iOS 12 features. If there is any specific feature you would like to use but unable to find the steps. Please let us know we will help you with that and will share an informative article on the same and on other iOS 12 features.

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