How To Set Passcode For Dropbox App On iPhone

Dropbox is a multiplatform app that can be used for both sharing and storing large files or photos. Apart from these, there’s another use of this app for iPhone users as their smartphones do not come inbuilt with a way to hide or lock photos and videos with a passcode. Yes, you got it right, you can keep your stuff on Dropbox it will be safe on the cloud storage and you can protect the app with a passcode.

When you will access Dropbox over the web you will need to enter your user name and password so your data is secured no matter you are accessing it from which device. In this article you will find out how you can lock the Dropbox app on your iPhone with a passcode or touch id so that you can access it quickly and it will be safer at the same time.

  1. Open Dropbox app on your iPhone. The application is free and comes with 2GB free storage. So, if you do not have it on your iPhone you can get it from the given link.
  2. Login or sign up to your Dropbox account you can also use your Google account to sign up. If you are already signed in tap on profile icon. Given at the bottom right.
    dropbox account iPhone
  3. Now tap on settings icon which you will find on the top left.
    dropbox settings iPhone
  4. Next tap on Passcode lock and then Turn Passcode On. It will ask you to enter a four-digit passcode and to confirm it.
    passcode lock iPhone
  5. After this your passcode will be enabled. You can also choose to enable touch id to unlock the app.
    dropbox passcode
  6. Now exit to the home screen of your icon and try opening the app. It will ask for a passcode or for a touch id.

This is how you can keep your personal stuff personal and safe on cloud storage.  One more feature you should turn off from the settings menu to ensure privacy which is “Hide Recent” because whenever you open your Dropbox account it shows your Recent files on the top and this can be problem if you are required to open your Dropbox account in front of any one or at your work so quickly turn it off from settings and enjoy full privacy for your personal storage.

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