How To Send Suggestions Or Report A Problem About Windows 10?

What if you are facing an issue with your Windows 10 computer? What if you want to send a feedback regarding a feature or an app? Wondering how to do it?

Well, Windows 10 enables you to inform Microsoft about the issues you face on Windows 10 or send feedback to improve the Operating System. Read on to know how!

Earlier the feature was only available for the people with Insider Program. However, now an app named Feedback Hub is available on all of the devices with Windows 10 Creators update or above.

In case you don’t have it, then you can go to Microsoft Store, download and install Feedback Hub. The app is nice but, you can’t be sure about the app as it has got n number of mixed reviews. Some users have also argued that who wants to have a separate app for feedback, as they prefer webpage over the app.

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Steps To Send Suggestions Or Report An Issue

Step 1: Switch Diagnostic & Usage Data To Full:  In order to use Feedback Hub, you need to switch Diagnostic & Usage Data To Full.

Steps To Send Suggestions Or Report An Issue

Note: Not all of you would want to turn it to Full if privacy is what concerns you.

If you are comfortable with this, go ahead and enable Full on Diagnostic Data Settings. To do that, Press Windows and I to open Settings Window. Then locate Privacy. Under the Privacy section, navigate to Diagnostics & Feedback, under Windows Permissions at the left side panel.

Steps To Send Suggestions Or Report An Issue -1

Step 2: Once on the Diagnostics & Feedback page, under Diagnostic data, select “Full”

Once you are done with this, let’s move to report the issue.

Steps To Send Suggestions Or Report An Issue -2

To do that, you need to open Feedback Hub, type “Feedback Hub” in the search box and click on the app to open it.

The app will launch, and you will see the Welcome screen. It comes with “What’s New” which informs about the announcements related to Windows 10 along with the preview builds.

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How To Report A Problem To Microsoft on Windows 10?

Now, before starting, you need to check whether the issue that you are about to report, is already been reported. So, type in the issue, if nothing comes up as the search results, that means, the issue has not been reported till now.

Then click “Add New Feedback” button. You would be asked to explain the issue in detail

Note: You can also click on Report a problem and get to the page directly.

When you write a feedback or suggestion, it is suggested to write the issue precisely and doesn’t miss out on any details so that the issue could be resolved in time.

  • You need to write the issue in a descriptive manner.
  • Write each information related to the issue and how you faced the issue.
  • Just fill one feedback form for one issue.
  • Once you are done addressing the issue, Click Next.

How To Send A Suggestion To Microsoft on Windows 10

As you click Next, you will be asked to select Category Suggestion or Problem. Also, choose Categories from two drop-down menus, which will help you explain the issue that you are facing.

Once done, click Next

You can also provide additional details to describe the issue further. This is optional. If you have a screenshot, file to explain the issue further, attach it.

Attach a screenshot: You can browse and select the screenshot that you want to add. You can also press Ctrl and V if you want to attach a recent screenshot.

Attach a file: Allows you to attach a file containing log files which describe the issue you are facing

Recreate my problem: Allows you to take a recording of a problem. Once you start to capture, the issue recorder is able to take screenshots of every move that you make while recreation. You can attach a recording for the issue description.

Once done, click Submit to finish.

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How To Send A Suggestion To Microsoft on Windows 10?

Besides reporting an error, you can send suggestions or feedback using Feedback Hub application related to features. Also, you can send notions that you have to Microsoft to enhance Windows.

  • On the welcome page of Feedback Hub app, click on “Suggest a feature” button
  • Once you get to the Your Feedback page, type in the issue and click Next.

How To Send A Suggestion To Microsoft on Windows 10

Note: Well, the feedback suggestion is just as same reporting an issue. The difference between them is Category. When submitting a suggestion, make sure you clicked Suggestion.

Follow the steps mentioned above to send a suggestion.

In this way, you can send suggestions or report a problem about Windows 10. This helps users to send feedback or report issue, which can then be directly reviewed by Microsoft. If you have questions or have any queries, comment in the section below.

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