How To Send/Receive Money Using Gmail On Android?

If you have an Android device with Google’s Gmail app on it and looking for a way to send money or receive money from anyone, then you can do it easily. Just as you can do it with Gmail on the web.

This facility of sending or receiving money on Gmail is available for a few years. Also, Google Wallet, now called Google Pay Send is also added to Gmail app last year. This means you can use your Android smartphone and tablet to send and receive money using Gmail on the go.

In this post, we have listed steps to guide on how to use Gmail for sending and receiving money on Android.

How To Use Gmail For Sending And Receiving Money on Android?

Step 1: Setup A Google Account

To send or receive money from Gmail, you have to set a Google Pay Account. You can use either Gmail app or to do it by visiting on Google Pay Website. Go to the website & sign in to Google account with your credentials.

add debit card on gmail

Get to “Add debit card.” Now you will have prompted to enter payment information.

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Step 2: Before sending money using Gmail on Android, you need to ensure that Gmail is on your Android device. Once you have located Gmail, click Compose icon for create a new email. Tap Attachment icon. You will get a pop-up menu, click Send money. You will get to Google Pay page. You need to enter the money that you want to send. If you have skipped the first step, then you will be asked to enter your debit card details here. In case your details are added, you can tap on “Attach Money”

send money on gmail all steps

Step 3: Add Memo

You get an option to add memo, if you want. Once you have added memo, tap Done. Tap Send button to send e-mail.

add memo with money on gmail

Step 4: How To Claim Money?

The recipient will get an email informing that he received money. To claim money, the recipient needs to click Claim Money link.

claim money on gmail with gpay

Step 5: Get The Money:

In order to get the transferred money, the recipient needs to sign into his Gmail account. Once done, he will be redirected to Google Pay web page, wherein he will be asked to add his debit card details to get the money.  Now, he can click on Claim Money to get the money in his account via debit card. The recipient needs to click on Done to complete the process.

get gpay money with gmail

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To initiate request for money or receive money using Gmail on Android, locate Gmail app on your phone and compose a new email. Click Attachment icon. You will get a pop-up menu, locate Request money and tap on it. Input the amount you want to receive and tap on “Attach Request” You can add memo, and tap on Done. You cross check the email sent and tap on Send button to send.

request money in gmail

The recipient will receive the email with the request to send money. Now, it’s up to them whether they decline your request or initiate the payment by clicking the link or Pay Now.

Google Pay will open, the recipient will see the request for money. He needs to click on Transfer button. They might need to enter a few details to affirm their identity.  Once completed, money will be transferred to you.

Note: In order to make these transactions seamlessly, both sender and recipient needs to set up Google pay account and enter debit card credentials.

This is it! Now you know, how to send or receive money using Gmail on Android. Try it and let us know if it helps!

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