How to Secure Your PC from Ransomware Virus


Malware is a program designed to damage user’s system. Ransomware is also a kind of malware. Cybercriminals take control of user’s data and sensitive information present in the system.

malware ransomware

Whats is Ransomware everything you want to know

They ask for ransom money in return to give user back the control of the system. The ransomware encrypts or locks the system of user and demands ransom money to unlock or decrypt the device. Once the payment is made through Bitcoin or untraceable prepaid cards, they send user the decryption key to unlock the system.

ransomware encrypts files and ask for money


How Ransomware Infects or enters The System?

Ransomware spreads through means of social network media, download of email attachments, or executable.

how ransomware enfects the system


  • An email is received by user’s system which contains a dangerous link or an attachment.
  • A downloader is placed on the system on following the link or downloading the attachment.
  • The downloader is connected through server controlled by cyber criminals. A network server is a computer system which acts as a storehouse of data and various programs. The programs and data are shared by the user in a network. The network server helps attackers to download Ransomware on user’s system.
  • Data present on user’s system starts transferring on the server of cyber criminal.
  • The ransomware starts locking the entire hard disk content, personal files, and sensitive information.
  • A warning is generated on the screen with instructions on how to pay for the decryption key or unlocking the system.

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Ways to be Secure from Ransomware

Unfortunately, ransomware is becoming a popular way for attackers to obtain money from companies as well as users. There is no need to be afraid. The solutions to this problem are given below:

Backup your data

Ransomware attack can be defeated by backing up all the system data regularly. It will help in restoring data with ease. Use an application, Right Backup Anywhere to back up data on Cloud in a safe manner. The cloud service ensures high-end security through the use of encryption services.


ways to protect system from ransomware

Ransomware hits on US & Canada Hospitals

Right Backup Anywhere aims at:

  • Creating backup of all the data on Cloud
  • Quick restoration
  • Easy access to files
  • In-built scheduler to create backup automatically
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access.

Show hidden file-extensions

Cryptolocker ransomware attacks user’s system through files having extensions, “.PDF.EXE”. TeslaCrypt ransomware uses .micro file extension.  Enable the feature to see the full-extensions of the files. Follow the steps below to enable the visibility of file extensions.


show hidden file extension

  • Click on start button on desktop screen.
  • In the search field, type Show Hidden Files.
  • When you will find Show hidden files and folderslist appearing, click on it to open the Folder Options Control Panel.
  • On opening of control panel, unmark the option, Hide extensions for known file types.
  • Click on Apply button followed by OK

Listing extensions of files will make it easier to spot faulty or harmful files.

Disconnect Wi-Fi or unplug from network immediately

If you are running file about which you are doubtful but have not seen yet the after- attack warning screen, quickly disconnect system from the network.

disconnect wifi to save from ransomware



The action should be as fast as possible so that little damage takes place only by any chance. Locking the system takes time. It is better to do something rather than doing nothing about the attack.

Use reputable anti-malware software

It is good to use both anti- malware software and a software firewall. Anti- malware software protects system from infections caused by ransomware. Software firewall protects user’s system from malware and hacking attacks.


use reputable anti malware software secure from ransomware

Save your Macbook from Ransomware

It is important to have both layers of protection. This is so because even if you run an infected ransomware file, it will be detected by either anti-malware software or firewall.

Use Advanced System Protector to find and remove malware infections from the system.

It has following features

  • Anti- malware to scan and clean engine
  • Extremely light on system resources
  • Easy to download and install
  • Free Regular updates
  • Free telephonic and email based support

Download Advanced System Protector

It is beneficial to use the above- mentioned methods for securing the system from Ransomware attack rather than paying ransom. We are not only saying this because we offer security solutions for other platforms but also because these solutions can actually protect your system and important data from severe loss.


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