How to Secure Your iPhone/iOS Device from Intruders?

Hackers are surely running rampant across the internet in 2016, with news of outrageous hacking incidents and data breaches this year. There has been a rise in the number of internet users adopting security measures to protect their online and offline data. But that is surely not sufficient enough to protect your personal data and files from being accessed by unwanted intruders. Your iPhone or iOS device could be loaded with tons of personal data and private files such as photographs with your loved one or family, personal videos, identity information and financial information etc. Since your phone or iOS device could be accessed by your friends or members from your family, you certainly need to ensure that they shouldn’t be able to see your private stuff. If you have grown tired of nosey friends or close ones peeking into your private stuff, here’re some tips that you would find helpful.

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  1. Lock Your Private Photos and Videos


You might already be sick of your cousins and friends snooping through your private photos and videos, whenever they get their hands on your phone. This can turn into an embarrassing situation and will expose you in many ways you do not want. The best solution for this is by using a security app that locks all your private photos and videos and make then inaccessible for anyone who uses your phone. The best app for this is certainly Secret Photo Vault by Systweak. The app is available on the Apple App store and is the easiest way to safe guard your privacy.

  1. Fingerprint Security (iPhone 5S and above)



This might not be available on older models of iPhones. Locking your phone with your fingerprint is one of the best ways to keep anyone from scouring through your personal stuff. Passcodes can be hacked, guessed (although it’s not that easy) but there’s no way anyone could open your phone with his fingerprint or your severed hand.

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  1. Manage Privacy Settings


You might not be aware but your phone could secretly leak data without you even knowing. There are various apps that use your personal information, making it visible to any other user. Therefore, it is essential that we manage the various privacy settings in social apps that use your personal information such as phone numbers, home address or contact information.

  1. Use Passphrase instead of Passcode

keep password as phrase

While most phones require a simple 4-digit code to lock and unlock your phone, iPhone users can use passphrase to make their security even better. Passphrase is basically a more complex password that uses a phrase or sentence instead of numeric characters to lock your phone. You can further strengthen your passphrase by adding a mix of uppercase or lowercase characters along with special characters.

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  1. Delete Internet History and Cache Regularly


Your internet browser history could turn your life topsy-turvy if discovered by the wrong person. Therefore, it is advised to clean and delete all your internet history at least twice a week. This will not only help protect your privacy but will also conceal your internet activities from prying eyes. Removing app cache will also keep hackers from obtaining your data through any means, while helping you recover some valuable space on your phone’s storage.

  1. Use Self-Destruct Mechanism


One thing we’ve all learnt from movie villains is when all else fails, ensure that there’s a self-destruct in place. Similarly, you can also use self-destruct mode on iOS devices keep any unwanted people from obtaining your personal information. This feature automatically wipes your phone memory in case anyone tries to access your phone without your permissions. Anyone who enters a wrong login password on your phone for a set amount of attempts. Your personal data is better off deleted than in wrong hands.

No matter how secure or protected we seem our digital lives to be, we know that there will always be a loophole. Hence the best way to avoid such threats in your privacy is to be on your toes all the time. Internet sure is a savage place, just like the world. But we can certainly choose a safe path by acting diligently and keep any nosey intruders at bay.

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