How to Save Someone’s Snapchat Videos

Despite being one of the most admired and engaging social media apps, Snapchat has one major disadvantage. Its videos and photos automatically vanish after a defined period. Moreover, it is not easy to save Snapchat pictures and videos in the phone memory. When it comes to saving your own Snapchat videos, it is doable in comparison to saving Snapchat videos of other people. In this blog, we are covering some tried and tested methods to save someone’s Snapchat videos.

But before we proceed, let’s understand how to save your own Snapchat videos. All you must do is click the “down arrow” button while recording the video on the app. The button is at the left corner of the display. You will receive a “saved” message popping up in the screen as soon as the recording is saved in app gallery. With the checkmark icon found at the top of saved video on the right, you can save the recording in your phone gallery. The trick here basically is to hit save before posting the video on Snapchat.

Now the real complication is to save files sent by other users. Snapchat does not have in-built feature that allows people to save Snapchat videos and images of other users. The cause is largely attributed to the user’s rights of privacy and that’s why the app notifies users when anyone takes screenshot of posts of other users. But then there are so many ways to save other users Snapchat data. Let us have a look.

Use Apple’s In-Built Screen Recording Feature

If you are an Apple user and is currently using a device that has iOS 11 or any upgraded version, then this method is for you. The upgraded devices have an inbuilt feature named “Screen Recording”, where users can easily save Snapchat images and videos. But there is a twist and it is recommended to use this feature with caution as the app might notify the user about the infringement. It is identical to the Snapchats screenshot notification for images, where the app informs the users that someone has taken a screenshot of their post.

Screen Recording
Source: iOS gadget hacks

But if you are ok with notifications being sent to friends, then jump to settings to reach “Control Center”. You will find “Customize Control” options in this section, there just find and click the green plus sign icon. Go back to the control center and there you will find a new record button.

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Use Apps to Save Snapchats Content (Videos, Images)

There are various apps to save Snapchats content like videos, images etc. With Screencasts, one can record or capture the output of a computer screen. It is also named as video screen capture and generally contains audio narration. Popularly used for making slideshows, tutorials and for other graphic representations on a desktop computer.

Apps to Save Snapchats Content
Source: bandicam

But finding free screencasts for your smartphone is not an easy task especially for iOS devices. You can try your luck in Google play store for Android devices. iTunes app store follows some strict policy and apps related to Screencasts are instantly removed. But if you are using Mac on OS X Yosemite, then you can use the in-built mobile screencast feature for capturing the video content of Snapchat.

Use an Alternate Device to Save Snapchat Videos

If you cannot find any Screencast apps and does not have Mac that runs on Yosemite, then you can use this alternative. Just make use of any other device i.e. iPod, another smartphone or a digital camcorder for recording and saving pictures and videos through different separate video.

Use an Alternate Device to Save Snapchat Videos

The only drawback of this method is that you will not get amazing sound and picture quality. Also, the content might not fit rightly to the screen of the device used for recording. Basically, you will receive a copy of the recording on your device.

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Also, there are some third-party apps claiming to record Snapchat videos. Probably, they are a scam and it is recommended not to download such apps. In the past, Snapchat decided to ban all third-party apps that try to infringe on the privacy of users. Hence, for your security, never share your login details with such apps as you might end up losing your account and your private details.

So, these are some tips and tricks for saving Snapchat videos sent by someone to you. If you have anything to share, please comment in the section below.

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