How To Get Rid of Space Clogging Duplicate Photos?

Duplicate Photos How-To

Space utility is like every person’s problem today, majority of your storage is held by redundant photos which are of no use. Storage of excessive data becomes a major read/write overhead to your system’s processor, which may lead system to slow downs. Any new vital piece of information may not find space in your storage due to this redundant accumulated data.

Scanning your entire collection of images manually can take an excruciating amount of time, depending on the size of data you’re dealing with. That’s where you need a right software/app to lend you a hand. Duplicate file cleaner software are developed for people who want to get rid of the unwanted mess, without much hassle. When these Duplicate photo finders are set to work, you’ll be able to see how much space can be freed up by deleting duplicate photos.

Why do I have so many duplicate photos?

Basically, when you go out and shoot, you take several shots of everything just to make sure that you got the best shot possible. Once you’re done clicking, you sort the photos and select the best one. This not an issue when you have like 10, or 20 photos. But it becomes a problem when you have 100’s of images to sort through and that’s where, a powerful duplicate cleaning tool has the chance to shine.

For our blog, we’ve picked Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro as it’s easy to use and doesn’t overcomplicate things. It can find & remove copies of the same image, along similar looking photographs that are a result of shots taken with different exposure or aperture, or simply whatever that looks similar. Duplicate Photos Fixer removes all the unwanted clutter, so you get a neat and duplicate-free photo library.

Let’s get started!

Photos occupy most of the space on your systems & phones. Removing multiple replicas of similar pictures, thereby results in neat & organized photo gallery.

To begin with, you can download the software/app from here:

  • Once installed, you can launch the tool that asks you to drag & drop images or folders you are willing to sort. You can add images through “Add Photos” option or add entire photo album through “Add Folder” option.
  • After your images are uploaded, it offers two sorting modes to find duplicate images i.e EXACT MATCH & SIMILAR MATCH.

With Exact Match mode you will be able to sort your images, on the basis of same properties that include size, format, dimension and quality of pictures.

With Similar Match mode, you can sort your images by setting the slider bars according to how you want the photos to be scanned.  Like on the basis of:

  • Matching Level – Based on similarity of content between two photos.
  • Bitmap size – According to the quality of both identical pictures.
  • Time interval – Based on the time gap between clicked photos.
  • GPS – Find duplicates according to geolocation tags in your images.
  • Now, when you have selected the matching criteria of your images through the above mentioned modes, you can start with scanning your photos, as it’s completely automated a few simple clicks will help you to find duplicate & similar images in thousands of your photos.
  • After the scanning process gets completed, the duplicate images will appear in front of you, then you can select the photos you don’t need and rest of the images will be saved in the destined location of the folder.

duplicate photos fixer pro

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  • Arranged & Smart Gallery – As it removes identical pictures and results in sleek & up-to-date photo collection.
  • Declutters Obsolete Data – By eliminating unwanted pictures, DPFP maximizes your precious disk space, and recover blocked space.
  • Reduces Cloning – As it removes redundancy by upto 99%.
  • Auto Marking – It automatically marks all duplicate images in every group and makes your work more easy and quick.
  • Clustering Identical Photos – Scanned identical & similar images are grouped for easy deletion.
  • Modes for Accurate Results – You can customize the matching level criteria as per your choice to get the desired results.

This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & iOS. It’s available in 14 languages across the globe with easy-to-use interface and friendly functionalities. Developed and designed for the elimination of duplicate & identical photos, it’s phone app too doesn’t consume much space.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours sorting through your photos, you are just a click away to fix duplicate photos from your system/phone and Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro is a great choice.

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