How To Remove Photos Cache And Junk Images From Your Smartphone

If you have junk images and photos cache on your Android phone, there is no way to delete them manually. The same can be said for images that have been deleted and appear to be lost forever. This was true until we discovered Systweak’s Photos Cleaner, a fantastic tool that scans your Android smartphone and recovers any images that have been hidden or deleted recently. This post will show you how to recover hidden photos on Android and delete cache files consisting of junk images and photos cache using the only way available.

How To Remove Photos Cache And Junk Images From Your Smartphone

One of the most essential benefits of the Photos Cleaner software is that it is simple to use and requires no time or effort. Here’s how to erase images on an Android device with the Photos Cleaner app:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download Photos Cleaner, or click the link below.


Step 2: After it has been installed, open it up and select the Scan Photos button in the center of the screen.


Step 3: Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with several folders containing hidden and deleted images that were still there on your phone.


Step 4: Open a folder and erase any unneeded photos by tapping on it.


Note: The thumbnails stored in your smartphone can be considered junk images and can be removed. These images are recreated automatically by the system if needed.

Why Should I Use Systweak Photos Cleaner?


On an Android device, deleting photos entails deleting the undesired images and sorting the rest into folders. This can be done manually, but it will take a long time and effort. Instead, we can erase images on an Android phone via a third-party program. Photos Cleaner is a software application created by Systweak Software. The following are some of the most important features:

Simple to Use

The UI and steps of any program are two of the most significant elements to consider while judging it. Without tutorials or training, the Photos Cleaner software features an intuitive layout and is simple to use.

Sorting Pictures

Users may sort photographs using numerous filters such as name, size, and date in Photos Cleaner.

Image Cache should be removed

Another useful feature of Photos Cleaner is that it can delete photographs temporarily and then restore them after use. These hidden images are duplicate photos that take up valuable space on your Android’s limited storage.

Preview before delete

Users can inspect photographs once they’ve been scanned before removing them with the Photos Cleaner software. Users will be able to pick and choose which photos they want to remove, as well as keep certain duplicate images if necessary.

Examine both internal and external storage options

The Image cleaner analyses both the phone’s internal storage and the external SD card, allowing users to erase all of the photos on their Android device.

Enhances the performance of your Android device

The Android device speeds faster when the temp and cache photos are cleared, enhancing performance.

The Final Word On How To Remove Photos Cache And Junk Images From Your Smartphone

Many apps on your Android device rely on all temporary and cache files to work properly. These transient files, on the other hand, gather and grow in quantity over time, consuming a lot of needless storage space. Users must remove images on Android using third-party apps like Photos Cleaner because the respected app has no method for deleting its transient data.

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