How To Reduce Brightness Of Your iPhone Below The Minimum Level

Most smartphone users are habitual of checking their phones during bedtime and we certainly cannot deny. However, using your Smartphone when all the lights are turned off may strain your eyes. You would have noticed that when you take out your iPhone in dark it automatically adjusts brightness to minimum level. But when it’s dark even the minimum brightness can strain eyes. So, what can be done if you want to use your iPhone without straining your eyes? Here are some workarounds that can help reduce brightness of your iPhone below minimum level.

Using Zoom Filters:

It may sound weird but zoom filter can help to reduce brightness below minimum level. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Zoom Switch on Zoom function.
    iPhone general accessibility
  2. Now when you will double tap with three fingers the screen will be zoomed in.
  3. Now go do zooming options by tapping on the rectangular box given at the bottom of zoom frame
    iPhone zoom
  4. From zooming options set zoom level to minimum and then tap on Zoom Filters and choose Low light.
    iPhone zoom filters
  5. You will find that zoomed window is dimmed below the minimum brightness level.
  6. Now in custom region Choose full screen and now the brightness for your whole screen will be below the minimum level of brightness.
    choose full screen iPhone
  7. Tap home button and use your device with low brightness and if you want to restore to normal brightness just double tap with three fingers on the screen or turn off zoom in Settings>General>Accessibility>Zoom.

This is how zoom filters can help you to reduce brightness of your iPhone screen below minimum level.

By Reducing White Point:

Another method to reduce brightness below minimum level is reducing white point.  Because the base of every bright color is white so reducing white point is a good idea to lower down brightness. This is how you can do this on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Display accommodations.
    display accomodations
  2. Turn on the switch given next to Reduce white point.
    Reduce white point iPhone
  3. You will see a slider below Reduce white point button set it to 100% and you will find that brightness is reduced.
    Reduce 100% white point

This is how you can choose to reduce brightness of your iPhone by using these two methods. Now using your iPhone in dark will not strain your eyes.

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