How To Recover Deleted Pictures & Videos In Android Without Using Third-Party Apps

At some point, we all have experienced unexpected data loss on our device. Android OS is the most popular operating system & have certainly taken a new leap in the industry. Despite of all the high-end functionalities, the devices still manages to hang or suffer a virus or malware attack. Thus, resulting in different kind of data losses. Fortunately, there are also tons of ways that helps to recover deleted pictures, videos, and files. In this blog, we will be discussing the common reason for data loss and how you can recover deleted photos Android unrooted device.

recover deleted files
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Most Common Reasons For Data Loss:

 Despite being the most popular OS, Android is most susceptible to data loss. One can suffer data loss due to different reasons, however, the top causes are listed below:

  • Accidental Deletion

We’ve all experienced the agony of hitting Delete button and erasing data we didn’t mean to. Human Error is treated as the major cause of data harm.

  • Rooting

Some curious minds want to make the most out of their Android phones and approaches to unlock features that may lose out indispensable data in the bargain.

  • Updating your Device

Sometimes, upgrading your Android device to the latest OS version also result in erasure of all personal data.

  • Battery Replacement

Surprisingly, yes! At times replacing your battery leads to data loss and OS may be reset to the original factory version.

  • Software Corruption

Some or the other time we observe those unexpected shutdowns that occur right at the time when we are working on some important presentation or while using a editing software.  This happens due to diagnostic tools that eats too much memory, and thus leads to the loss of important media files.

  • Malware Attacks

It goes without saying that, viruses & malware attacks are meant to damage much more than just slowing down your device. There are dozens of nasty viruses that infect your internal storage and wipe it clean.

Malware Attacks

These all causes call for effectively backing up your data every now and then. Go to Bonus Tip to learn how to securely backup your data on Android device.

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How To Restore Deleted Photos Android?

Recovering all your precious photos & videos can be a very tedious process, however, these simple fixes will make your task way easier.

1. Using Google Photos

Remember the first time you have set up your phone you must have synced your Google account, right? If yes, then there’s nothing to worry as you have already backed up your media files. This is the easiest way to recover all your deleted or lost photos/videos. Here’s how to go:

Step 1- Open Google Photos App, mostly on all Android phones the application comes pre-installed.

Step 2- Sign up with your Google account.

Step 3- Tap on “three lines” symbol located at the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 4- Click on ‘Bin or Trash’ option > locate all your deleted or lost media files.

Step 5-  Choose the photos & videos you want to recover > and press ‘Restore’ button.

That’s all! After this, all the deleted stuff will get back in your Android phone gallery.

Using Google Photos

2. Via Google Drive

If you have kept a backup of your Android media to Google Drive, then you can easily retrieve deleted photos and videos, from there. To get back everything right on your phone, follow the steps carefully:

Step 1- Sign in to Google Drive App! Make sure you log in with the account that you have previously used to create backups of.

Step 2- Tap on “three lines” symbol located at the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 3- Click on ‘Bin or Trash’ option > locate all your deleted or lost media files.

Step 4- Choose the photos & videos you want to recover > and press ‘Restore’ button.

All the deleted stuff lasts for 60 days only.

Via Google Drive

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3. Through Samsung Cloud

If you’re a Samsung User, this method is for you. Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8/S9/J2/Note 8 comes with the support of cloud services. For quickly deleted photo recovery, follow the steps below:

Step 1- Open device’s setting menu > locate ‘Cloud and Accounts’ option > click ‘Samsung Cloud’.

Step 2- Find & click on ‘Restore’ option > A list of all the backed-up files will be presented on your screen.

Step 3- Go through the stuff properly and select the media files you want to restore.

Step 4- Tap on ‘Restore Now’ option and recover deleted images, videos, files, and documents in few seconds.

Bonus Tip: How To Securely Backup Your Photos & Videos on Android?

Well, taking help from a secure cloud backup service which keeps your memories safe and locked should be your first choice. It’s recommended to use a dedicated tool that acts as a savior when your phone is lost, suffer system crash or when your device gets compromised due to malware attacks.

For the scenario, we recommend using Right Back up Anywhere which protects users from unexpected events like theft, hardware failure or human error that can result in data loss. It’s one of the most trusted solutions for Android users, that creates a safe room for all your data and allows easy access to your data anytime & anywhere. You can download the application for free.

Note: The Free version is available for a month, to upgrade your storage you need to purchase the product.


Just download the app > Sign in > All media folders will be displayed on your screen > Select files & folders you want to create a backup of > Tap ‘Start Backup’ option > That’s it, all your data will be placed on the safest cloud- Right Back up Anywhere!

How To Securely Backup Your Photos & Videos on Android


Hope these three solutions have helped you recover deleted photos Android without any hassles.  However, we strongly recommend you to regularly backup your Android data to avoid such scenarios. Additionally, if nothing works you have Android Photo Recovery Tools that will instantly restore deleted photos from Android.

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