How To Opt Out Of Seeing Personalized Ads?

When we browse over the Internet, or watch a video on YouTube, or shop online we usually get bombarded with ads. These ads are a part of Google personalized marketing. Google features these ads on their every service and on 2+million non-Google sites and apps.

These personalized ads are often called “Interest-based” ads which features ads depending upon your online activity. These ads can be useful for websites but can be very annoying for users and they might have to delete or navigate through these ads. They don’t want a search engine to keep a track of their searches and analyze their behavioral data.

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But Google do understand that how spooky these ads are for users, so it offers an opportunity to opt out those ads and get rid of them. Here we are explaining how you can turn off Google ads.

Why Do Websites Need Personalized Ads?

There are over 100 online ad networks that features advertisements on websites and apps and Google’s ad networks is one of them. With Google, websites can advertise their business using Adwords to reach people globally at the right time. Websites earn revenue using Adsense that feature ads which are relevant to audience. Google provides an exclusive platform Admob to monetize the ads over mobile.

How To Turn Off Google Ads?

We are highlighting the common scenarios and its possible solutions.

  • If You Are Signed In To Your Google Account Over The Web

Step 1: Open your web browser and open the My account page while signed in. If you are not logged in, you might have to enter the password.
How To Turn Off Google Ads

Click on the Personal info and privacy tab on this page.

Step 2: We have to deal with one setting in particular – Ads Settings. Click it
How To Turn Off Google Ads-2

Step 3: After clicking on Ads Setting, you will be redirected to another page. Click on Manage Ads Setting
How To Turn Off Google Ads-3

Step 4: This page features what will happen after you opt-out from these ads, so for a better understanding read this page once. If you are willing to go for a non- personalized experience then toggle the Ads personalization button.
How To Turn Off Google Ads-4

Step 5: After you have toggle off the Ads Personalization, there will be a pop-up on your screen, asking for a confirmation whether you want to proceed or not. The pop-up again describes the consequences of hitting turn-off button.
How To Turn Off Google Ads-5

Step 6: One step near to completion, there will be another pop-up asking to Control the ads using Adchoices. Adchoices is a self-regulatory program which calls for users to get control over how information about their interests is used for relevant advertising.

Simply hit “Got It”.
How To Turn Off Google Ads-6

If you want to opt-in for personalized experience, but want to control over what you see, you can do this by altering the list from the topics you like. These topics are based on your search history and you will be encountering the ads in which you are actually interested.

How To Turn Off Google Ads-7

  • For Android Users

Instead of tweaking your setting from a computer, Google made it rather a handy task for android users which is quite easy and simple.

Step 1: Head towards the settings of your android device by pulling in the notification tray.
How To Turn Off Google Ads-8

Step 2: Scroll down to “Google”
How To Turn Off Google Ads-9

Step 3: Go the Ads entry from the list.

How To Turn Off Google Ads-10

Step 4 : Toggle the “Opt out of Ads Personalisation”.

How To Turn Off Google Ads-13

The Middle Path?

Google offers a win-win solution for both the parties where websites can get their revenue on per visit basis and users won’t see personalized ads. The solution is Google Contributor.  Let’s dig a little to better understand about Google Contributor.

What is Google Contributor?

It is a platform where users can support websites to cover their cost of running services. Each user gets a contributor pass that works with Google account to remove ads from the Google’s personalized advertising participating sites. Users need to load their pass with 5$ and on every visit to a participating site without ads, a per-page fee is deducted from the Contributor pass. Per-page fee varies from site to site which is set by the creators of the site.

Doing this will not prevent display of AdSense ads but it will not track your search history. It will only display the app related ads rather than interest based ads based on your digital footprints. his itself is a sigh of satisfaction, not being watched by someone.

We all have been there at least once, when we are so annoyed with these spooky ads we try to find a solution searching- How to Stop Google Ads? Ads by Google Remove? Steps to opt-out Google ads? We hope this blog might help you to purge these ads.

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