How To Move Your Amazon Music Locker Library To Another Service?

No more renewal for Amazon Music Locker. Amazon has made it’s users aware that they won’t be able to renew the subscription. The future of the service could be calculated as why a user will prefer to buy a service when he can get the same facility for free. Amazon Music allows users to store 250 songs after which they need to pay, on the other hand, Google Music provides the service for free, that too with the capability to store 50,000.

If you are an Amazon Music Locker user, then you should surely look for an option to migrate your playlist to some other service, here we have listed the ways to transfer your playlist to other services.

Let’s explore where can we store, stream and play our favorite music.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a good option for a  music locker with a capability to store 50,000 songs for free. If you have a larger collection, you need to switch to the paid version of the same. The service is easy to use if you have a computer to complete the uploading process. The service doesn’t allow you to upload music to Google Play Music from Android. You can only do that on computer with Google Play Music Manager or Google Play Music website on Google Chrome. Once you upload your music, it allows you to stream upto 10 devices, organize your playlists, and more.

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Cloud Players & Cloud Hosting : Another Alternative

If you prefer to keep your playlist online rather than keeping it offline on your device, Google Drive or Dropbox could be a better option. This enables you to download playlists or songs that you wish to hear, or you can tether directly into cloud libraries via cloud players such as CloudBeats or DoubleTwist’s CloudPlayer. These players let you stream from the cloud, manage your music and also enable you to download music for offline playback. It is a convenient option than the aforementioned method.

These are not the only options available when it comes to Cloud Players, you can choose other ones as well as per your need.

microSD card: An Option To Keep Your Music Library Handy

If you don’t prefer uploading your music playlists or don’t want to install a cloud player, then storing it on your phone with a microSD card is the best option. Well, most of the flagship models don’t support microSD cards. However, it is not a big concern, as a lot of Android phones support microSD cards and a bigger part of the Android users are covered in that.  Keeping your music collection in microSD card is the most convenient option. While choosing a microSD card, you need to keep a few things in mind, here are the pointers:

  • Picking the right size according to your phone should not be a challenge. Just look for the one that fits the slot provided on your device.
  • You should always prefer microSD which has faster the read/write speeds. As, if the read/write speed is good then the system can read your music faster and therefore, there will be less frequent buffer of your music. To get a faster speed, always prefer UHS-I cards. These cards are perfect to keep your music secure.

Forget Your Old Library

If all of this is too much for you, then abandoning old library and getting a new music subscription service is the easiest way. You can rebuild your music library with any of the preferred music subscription service.

Even if you are considering a new music subscription service but still want to keep your Amazon music library with you, download the library out of  Amazon’s servers and keep it as backup on your HDD, Google Drive, or on flash drive

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So, these are options on which you can rely on! What would you prefer, Google music locker or microSD card?

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