How To Make Your Dull Images Livelier On Mac

In the past decades or we can say in 20th century, camera technology was not much advanced as it is now. If we go through the photos clicked in early 50s or 60s, they are all in black and white color format and looks dull and flat.

But, as we live in 21st century, we have got more advanced and professional cameras, even in our smartphones that allows us to change color and add effects to images clicked. Similarly, when we talk about Mac, there are certain color splash apps that allow you to bring your black & white images to life by adding colors and effects to them. It’s a quite easy and quick way to colorize all black & white or dull photos.

Here then, we have reviewed the best color splash app for Mac, which is Tweak Color.

Tweak Color – Color Splash App For Mac

Tweak Color – Color Splash App For Mac

Tweak Color is a powerful color splash app for Mac that helps you to create more vibrant and lively images. This powerful photo editor tool brings new life to your old and dull photos by adding beautiful & amazing color effects to them.

Tweak Color has four sections to edit images, namely, Paint, Brush, Adjust and Effects. Let us see how these sections help in creating more lively and vibrant images.

1. Paint

You can enhance images by using editing tools offered by Tweak Color, such as native colors, grayscale image, sepia color, recolor art and others to give your photos a finishing touch.

Native Colors

Bring life to toneless or dull images by filling them with original colors. Native Colors allows you to brush all the original colors to image to make it look more vibrant and smooth.

Grayscale Image

Add shades of gray to your image to give it an achromatic look. It only removes color information and preserves the original sharpness and contrast of an image to give it a monochrome look.

Sepia Color

With the Sepia filter, convert your images into shades of brown and infuse a sense of history.

Bluetone Color

Add more warmth and highlight to your images with Bluetone color effect. It gives image a more celeste look.

ReColor Art

Try experimenting and fill in color combinations you think are suitable for your image. Pick your choices and fill the right portions to create a vibrantly unique image.

Pan Adjustment

Tweak Color allows to adjust widescreen images to view them in full screen sizes of a standard definition 4:3 aspect ratio.

2. Brush

With Brush tool, you can manually adjust the brush diameter and hardness. The circle cursor size represents pixels to be painted with a range of brush sizes and hardness.

The default Brush diameter is 5, but you can extend it up to 100, whereas hardness ranges from 0 to 100.

3. Adjust

In this section, you can adjust the opacity in native colors and background of an image with the given options:


This slider controls the brightness of images. It ranges from -100 to 100. When set to -100, it gives completely flat, colorless and dark image, whereas when set to 100, it makes the image more visually perceiving and brighter.


It allows you to set the contrast that determines difference in the color and brightness of an image. It ranges from -100 to 100.


Blur options is used to blur an image. It controls the properties of an image, such as, intensity and size. It ranges from 0 to 50.


Saturation lets you set the amount of gray in proportion to the hue. When set to 0 it gives grayscale look to images, and when set to 100, image becomes fully saturated and more vibrant than before.


Hue is a visible light due to which color is differentiated from similar or the primary colors, such as Red, Green and Blue. It ranges from -50 to +50.


It is the overall brightness of an image. It represents the amount of light in photo. A photo with low exposure is too dark, and a photo with high exposure is too bright.

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4. Effects


Tweak Color comes with several predefined effects as well. Tap on the effect you want to apply to your image, and it’s done. Look at the image given below to see the effects applied.

Other Features:

Some other features offered by Tweak Color are:

Share It With Everyone

You can share your edited images directly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. Also, you can share your image via AirDrop. Tweak Color allows you to add edited images directly to Photos as well.



Preview gives you a look at the original image. The image that was earlier before applying the effects to it.

Compare Mode

Compare Mode

With compare mode, you can compare the difference between original image and edited image. This gives a clearer description and visualization of how the image will look once the effects are applied to it.

How Tweak Color Works?

This photo splash photo editor for Mac has easy-to-use user interface to add effects to images. Let us take a look at how it works:

  1. Drag & Drop Image
    Drag and Drop Image

Add the image you want to edit.

  1. Apply Edits
    Apply Edits

Add effects, filters, change color and more to image.

  1. Confirm

And done! You can now view the effects applied in an image and save it on your Mac for later use.

So, this was all folks! This is how you can make your dull and flat images livelier and more vibrant. Tweak Color is a powerful color splash tool for Mac that allows you to add effects, filters, change color and more to your images instantly to give them a unique look.

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