How To Keep Your Notes Password Protected On Mac

In this tech smart world, notes play an important role in our lives. Notes is an ideal e-document to store all types of information or reminders of our daily life. Sometimes we forgot to remember important tasks and details such as, credit card bill payment dates, social media login details, bank login details, important web URLs and any other important information. Well, using notes we can store all this information and set reminders as well.

Notes app in Mac allows you attach videos, images, etc. Since our notes contain so much sensitive information it becomes important to secure them.

In this post, we will show you how you can prevent your Notes, password protected on Mac.

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How To Keep Your Notes Password Protected On Mac

  1. Tap on Launchpad icon on the Dock.
    launchpad icon on the dock
  2. Now, open the Notes app on your Mac.
  3. Once it is opened, you can make a new Note or you can open your existing Note via click on the icon shown in the image below.
    New note Mac
  4. Now, you can see the Lock icon shown in the toolbar next to the note icon. Click on the Lock icon, you will a see a pop-up, from there select, Lock This Note.
    Lock this note Mac
  5. Now to lock the note, enter a password and verify it. You can also set a hint. Once all this done, click on Set Password.
    Set a password for all your locked notes
  6. All done! Next time when you will open this note again. You will see a message, “This note is Locked”.
    locked note
  7. To open the note, you need to enter the password.
  8. In case you do wish to remove the Lock later, you can do so via click on Lock again. You can refer the provided image below.
    Remove lock Mac

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Some Important Facts About Protected Notes

You are now able to keep your notes password protected but here are some important facts about the protected notes and you must know about them.

  • You must be aware that the first line of the note will always be visible irrespective the note is protected or not. So, you must make sure that you are not revealing any important information of your note.
  • You must know that Notes app does not provide multiple password feature for multiple notes. So, when you unlock one note, all other protected notes will be unlocked automatically.
  • You can secure any unprotected note at any time via just right clicking on the note and select Lock This Note option provided in the app.
    Lock note Mac
  • You must quit the notes app, once you have completed the editing or reading a protected note or you can select the Close All Locked Notes from the image shown below.
    close all locked notes

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That’s all folks! We hope you will like this post as it will be helpful for protecting your Mac notes. If you have any comment or suggestion you can write in the section provided below.

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