How To Import Music To & From iTunes

No matter how old-fashioned it may seem, some people still prefer downloading music on their devices rather than streaming it everytime they want to listen to their favorite song. Although downloading a song is easy but managing and organizing them in a playlist is a pretty difficult task.


The solution to this problem is to organize them through iTunes. You can import music files into iTunes in order to sync them to your iOS device. In this post, we will walk you through the steps that would make it easy to find and import your music files.


How To Add Music To iTunes:

First things first, you need to know the location of your music collection on your hard drive. Once you locate it, follow these steps:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • If you want to import a bunch of files, click File menu.

How To Add Music To iTunes.

  • A context menu will come up, click Add File to Library/ Add Folder to Library.
  • Following this, a window will open that will let you locate the file that you want to import.

How To Add Music To iTunes.

  • You can select files or folders to add and click Open.
  • Once iTunes starts loading the files, a progress bar comes up which shows the status.
  • You can double check that the music files are added to the app by clicking the Music option from the drop-down beneath File on the top left corner. You can check the Date Added Column to view the recently added music.

How To Add Music To iTunes.

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Once the songs are added, iTunes categorizes them by name, rating, album, artist, etc.


How to Import Music to iPhone from iTunes

You can also import your favorite songs to your iPhone with iTunes. Follow the steps to get your music on your iPhone:

  1. Open iTunes, if you have PC then click Edit, If Mac, click iTunes.
    How to Import Music to iPhone from iTunes
  2. Click Preference followed by Advanced.
    Import Music to iPhone from iTunes
  3. Once the Advanced tab is open, make sure you checkmark on the option Copy files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to library.

Note: The option mentioned above should be check marked, as when you import songs to iTunes, the songs that you see in the app are just references to the location of the original file.

If you change the actual location of the file, iTunes will not be able to find it and play it unless you manually locate the file. To avoid the hassle, make iTunes copy the music files to a specific folder. So, even if the actual file is moved or deleted, a copy of the file stays with iTunes.

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  1. In addition to that, make sure you checkmark beside the option “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPad syncing automatically”. Now plug in the USB cable to iPhone and connect it to your computer.
    Import Music to iPhone from iTunes
  2. Once your iPhone is connected and detected by iTunes, click on iPhone icon to Go to the page Settings. Click Music and then checkmark on Sync Music to add playlists or entire music collection on your iPhone using playlists.

Import Music to iPhone from iTunes


  1. To complete the action, click on Remove and Sync.Import Music to iPhone from iTunes

Note: When you sync with a different iTunes Library, iTunes will prompt “Are you sure you want to replace existing music, movies, TV shows, books and tunes from this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?”.This action will replace all the existing songs on your iPhone with the recently moved.

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In this way, you can import music to and from iTunes efficiently and quickly. Try it out and let us know if it works for you.

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