How To Identify Fake Amazon Reviews?

Are you doing your Christmas shopping online? Poring over reviews to make up your mind about what to buy? Like a lot of people, we rely on reviews as a part of our product research. We think that the Review Section is our best friend, after all, if there’s any flaw in the product somebody would point out.

Sadly, that’s not always the case. Let me portray a conjectural situation in front of you.

You want to buy new headphones from Amazon. You’ve set aside some cash from last month to buy a classic pair and now you’re all set to finally purchase it. You go to Amazon and start searching for different options, you read reviews of each product and finally decides one that seems perfect. The one which has thousands of positive reviews with 5 Star ratings. You click ‘Order Now’ and enthusiastically rests for it to come.

When your package finally arrives, you rip it like a kid. Your headphones look right, feels good but there’s one issue, it’s a terrible product, it’s poorly constructed and it doesn’t look the same as portrayed in the picture.

So, what about all those positive reviews? Unfortunately, but they were fake. To boost sales, those false and paid reviews were posted. Fortunately, for you, there are simple ways to spot fake Amazon reviews.

identify fake review

Ways to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

Here we’re sharing some of the best tricks to recognize false product reviews.

  • Look for repeated keywords and phrases in multiple reviews
    If most of the reviews have similar keywords, it’s most likely to be a fake one. Why? Because sellers brief ‘fake review writers’ with a short description which includes some keywords and phrases that they want. So, if you see reviews with repeated phrases & keywords, you’ll know what to discount.
  • Find out whether a product is a ‘verified purchase’
    When going through multiple reviews, you should also determine that whether positive reviewers have actually purchased the product directly from Amazon or not, if they did there will be an orange ‘verified purchase’ notation.
    Find out whether a product is a verified purchase
  • Scrutinize ‘Vine’ reviews
    Amazon runs a program which offers free gifts to top reviewers. No, there’s nothing wrong about this program, but people getting freebies for just writing reviews can be biased at some point.
  • Look through the ‘Customer Also Bought’ section
    ‘Customer Also Bought’ section is dedicated to displaying products that are similar or related to the item you’re looking at. If any time, this section is loaded with other products that have nothing to do with your item, then something is might going wrong. It can mean that the items you’re looking at are might be given at a significant discount or for free in exchange for writing a good review.
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  • Multiple reviews were written within a short time span
    Generally, every product needs a specific duration to gain organic reviews. So, if you see an item packed with hundreds of reviews particularly positive ones in a very short span, then it’s a good sign to understand that it’s not a legitimate Amazon review.
  • Almost all the reviews are 5-star rated
    If there are numerous reviews with a 5-star rating, then you should definitely make a pause. The item you’re seeing might be of the best quality, but it may also indicate that they’re kinda fake.
    Almost all the reviews are 5-star rated
  • Use review checker websites to spot fake Amazon reviews instantly
    While browsing products on Amazon, if anytime you suspect that some reviews might be fake, then do not hesitate to take help from a third-party review checker to detect them. There are plenty of Amazon review checkers in the market, however, the ideal website for detecting fake product reviews is & which quickly analyses whether a review is likely to be legitimate or not.Just copy the URL from any Amazon page you think that has suspicious reviews. And, the review checker will scan it to find which Amazon reviews are authentic & which are not.

    We recently decided to put these sites to test and randomly chose Sony WH-H900 headphone which is currently very trendy and offering one of the best deals to customers. When we pasted its URL into, the results weren’t very surprising.
    Use review checker websites to spot fake Amazon reviews instantly

  • When in doubt, reach out
    Try connecting with the reviewer directly. Most of the fake reviewers will not respond to your message, however actual and legitimate reviewers often look forward to being helpful.
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Bottom Line
A good user review should always help people to make a better buying decision. If any review leaves you with a lot more answers than questions, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Hope these tips help you to better distinguish which Amazon reviews are fake and which are legitimate.

Happy Shopping!  🙂


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    Very informative information~ Thank u for taking the time to let consumers know what to look out for when looking at an item to possibly purchase & save them from being conned out of their hard earned money~

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