How To Go Offline On Google Docs

Many argue that Google Docs being online is not reliable enough as in case someone loses internet connectivity, its usage would fail, thus making it less efficient and compatible per the user’s needs. A lot of users thus, either choose other products or use unlicensed versions of the same, which, in turn, subjects their documents to data loss and file corruption. However, Google Docs does offer you a chance to go offline. Figure it out below.

How To Sync All Google Docs Files In Offline Mode?


  • So, first, you open Google Docs at Now, you’d see a page something like this,

How to Sync All Google Docs Files in Offline Mode

  • Now, you see that triple-line icon on the top left corner, click on that and you’ll see a menu like this ,

How to Sync All Google Docs Files in Offline Mode-0

  • Click, on the Settings button in this menu, and then you’re redirected to a pop-up,

How to Sync All Google Docs Files in Offline Mode-1

  • Now, just enable the offline button, and let the offline mode get active (the syncing of all the documents offline takes a few minutes). Once done, you can create or edit new or old documents on Google Docs anytime without having an internet connection.

However, if you read the disclaimer below the Offline Button, it strictly says to NOT do it on a shared computer. So, make sure that you practice this on a personal laptop or desktop only.

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What If  You Wish To Have Only Specific Files In Offline Mode?

Yes, Google Docs does allow you to have specific files available for edit offline, without any internet connection. Here’s a guide to it,

How to Sync All Google Docs Files in Offline Mode- 2

  • On the Google Docs Homepage Find the “three dots” button on the selected file
  • Click on it and a menu will drop down (marked in red) containing four choices
  • Enable the “Available Offline” Button (marked in blue)

Your specific Google Docs File is now ready for use in Offline Mode.

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So, in case you have refrained from Google Docs over internet connectivity concerns, here’s a solution to all your problems.

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