How to Get the Most Out of Shazam, Apart from Recognizing Music

Whether you’re partying at a club or shopping at a store, some tunes get stuck on our mind. The moment we hear a great song that’s playing in the background or something which we’ve never heard before, we instantly take out our phone and launch Shazam to identify the soundtrack. Yes, it works like magic!

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Name any song, in seconds, quite literally. Shazam is well-known for its fantastic superpower of detecting anything that’s playing in the background. It’s a must-have app for our smartphone, especially if you’re fond of exploring new music now and then.

Well, you’ll be amazed to know that Shazam is a powerful app featuring a lot of hidden features and abilities. Here are a bunch of Shazam tips and tricks to get the most out of this popular music identification app.

Use Shazam on Snapchat

Apart from offering cool, creative, crazy filters, Snapchat is also capable of music detection abilities. If you heard any song playing in the background while you’re on Snapchat, busy making stories with your friends, you could easily identify the name of the song without having to leave the app.

Use Shazam on Snapchat 
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To do so, simply long-press on the Snapchat camera screen until the name of the song magically appears on the screen. Thanks to Shazam!

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Identify Songs, TV Shows, Movies Anything

Yes, you heard that right. Say, you’re watching something on television, maybe a TV show or movie which you barely know about. Launch Shazam to identify the name of the TV show quickly. Knowing the name of any soundtrack or TV show that’s playing in the background is simply a piece of cake for Shazam. In just a matter of seconds, you will have the TV show’s name displayed on your phone screen.

Do More with Shazam

Do More with Shazam
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So, yes, we believe most of you use Shazam for identifying songs, right? Well, the magic of Shazam doesn’t just end right here. Once Shazam has detected the soundtrack, you can do a lot more to take your musical journey ahead. Shazam offers you various options after it’s done guessing the song’s name like you can buy that song on iTunes, watch the video on YouTube, and plenty of other options to pair with other music streaming apps.

Discover New Music

Discover New Music

Shazam not just proves out to be an outstanding music identification app, but can take you for a ride to discover new music that’s trending around the world. To explore this side of Shazam, launch the app, tap on “Charts” on the top-right corner of the screen. In this section of the app, you will get to see a list of trending music, categorized based on geographical locations and regions. In this way, you can get an idea of which all soundtracks are topping the charts, what’s trending, in a specific area. Take the app for a spin and explore new music tracks from around the world.

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Through all these years, Shazam has been in the league as a stand-alone application. Hats off to its music recognition capabilities as Shazam has always helped us in guessing the song’s name accurately. We hope these above-mentioned Shazam tips and tricks will help you to use the app to its maximum potential.

If you haven’t used this app so far, download it right away. Shazam is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

So, next time whenever you hear a catchy tune playing in the background, just Shazam it!

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