How To Get Started With Alexa Skill

If you own Amazon Echo smart speaker, then you must be familiar with Alexa, the digital assistant, you have one of the best voice assistant in your reach. However, if you’re wondering about Alexa’s ability then the answer is, it can do many things besides creating a shopping list, playing music & controlling smart home.  In fact, this incredible virtual assistant can help more in personal tasks than you can think of. You can use it to create your own Alexa skills and funny jokes, quizzes to lighten up the mood and environment with the help of Amazon Skill Blueprints. It is a newly launched feature that helps you to create, to-do list and edit the prior list.

alexa skill

In this post, we’re going to check out how to get started with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to visit and then access your Amazon account.

learn alexa skills

Step 2: Now, you need to hit the type of skill that you would like to make. You can also sort from another category that you prefer such as At Home, Learning & Knowledge, Fun & Games, Fairy Tale and Storyteller.

Step 3: You need to select a template, you can do it from each category as they contain skill templates to create a skill.  You can select the Quiz skill in the Learning & Knowledge category.

get started with alexa skills

Step 4: To start it, you need to press ‘Make Your Own’ button. You can also listen to the sample to avoid confusion and to know what the skill will sound like.

customize the quize in alexa

However, under the Quiz Skill template, you’ll notice a few pre-populated Q&A (ques and answers). If you want, then you can easily modify the questions and insert whatever is in your mind.

Step 5: To add a new question, you need to press Add Q&A.

Step 6: After you’re done adding your own questions, you need to click on Next: Experience button which is available at the top right when you are finished adding questions. You will get a new screen from there you can modify the greetings which Alexa is going to consider for each player, name of your quiz, replies and sound effects used to follow by wrong and right answer.

Step 7: If you want then you can also change the Quiz intro. You can type down the new intro that you want Alexa to use. You will notice there is a drop-down menu below the text box along with the name of the sound effect Alexa is going to use after is launched. You can also change the Airplane mode by hitting the drop-down menu and choosing any of the sound affects you want to use.

Step 8: You can also modify or add new player greetings depending upon your mood.

Step 9: To modify the quiz responses. You can amend the sound effect and the text that Alexa should use when a player answers right or wrong.

sound effect in alexa

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Step 10: To modify the winner responses. All you need to do is change the sound effect along with the text you want Alexa to say when a player wins the game.

Step 11: It is possible to get a new or different background image.

Step 12: You need to hit the Next: Name button from the top right once you’re done with the customization of the quiz.

learn alexa skills

Step 13: You can modify the name of the Quiz and give it a new name.

Step 14: Press the Next: Create Skill button from the top-right.

quiz on alexa

Note: Here you will be prompted by Amazon to create a developer account. For creating the account is important to publish or make a skill by hitting the Update Account. You will notice within a few minutes Amazon will create your skill.

Step 15: The moment your quiz is ready, you will see a green bar at the upper skill page. You need to play the skill on the Alexa device to get the registration done. You will also see delete and edit button for the quiz.

Step 16: If you want to share your skill with others then you need to visit Skills You’ve Made page and choose to select the skills you would like to share.

Step 17: Now, go to the box titled Your Skill Actions and choose Share with Others.

Note: You notice an alert message on the screen which will be asking whether the skill is aimed for kids those are under the thirteen years. So, you need to click appropriate response.

Step 18: Now, you need to choose a way to share the skill like through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and message.

So, now you have learned how to create your own Alexa skill and how to get started with Alexa skill.

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