How to Get Rid of Virus on Facebook: Steps to Remove Facebook Virus

With more than a decade of existence, Facebook has become an integral part of lives. Yet Facebooking can unsettle us when hacker use it as an abusive platform.

Recently, the ‘Facebook Virus’ made news when countless Israeli users were attacked by it and compelled security researchers to look into the matter. Earlier this year, Israeli media flashed up a phishing campaign hitting thousands of Israelis via Facebook. The virus infected around 10 thousand accounts in just 48 hours. Soon, the virus was also reported in other countries including Brazil, Poland, Colombia and more.

Let’s dig little deep into the matter and see how Facebook virus finds way, what it does and how you can get rid of virus on Facebook.

How Facebook virus find its way?

Facebook virus infects multiple accounts through the chain reaction. It does so in two stages. First stage starts when the user clicks on the “mention” – which is basically a comment in which the user concerned has his/her name mentioned seemingly by a friend- that gives control of user’s browser to the hacker via a malicious file. Unsuspecting users click on these bogus ‘comments’ which to them seem genuine. As soon as the user clicks on the comment(s), the file terminates user’s legitimate browser session and replaces it with a malicious one. Though a malicious browser, it is designed with a legitimate Facebook login page. This sly act is intended to trap the victim by bringing him back to the social networking site.

Here comes the second stage of Facebook virus. Upon victim’s landing on Facebook again, hacker hijacks the session in background and a self-executable file gets downloaded. This new file contains an account takeover script, which changes settings, extracts data from the account and other tools that are capable of further spreading maliciousness like spam, identity theft and fraudulent ‘likes’ and ‘share’. It is also capable of sending out malicious notification to victim’s Facebook friends. Further, the virus takes on the loop and infects other users who are added in one’s friends list. However, this script is triggered and Facebook account is hacked only if the user of a compromised machine attempts to login via malicious Chrome shortcut.

This new virus was seen infecting Windows computer and smartphones. Whereas, Android and iOS users were immune. Windows was susceptible to this virus because its operating system was found compatible with libraries that hackers used.

What is Facebook up to?

In order to halt cyber criminals from conducting wily activities, Facebook has tightened its security. Apparently, Facebook is also blocking the techniques which give way to malware from spreading via infected computers. As per Kaspersky’s reports, Facebook hasn’t seen any such infections attempts after it has stiffened the security wall. In addition to this, Google has also removed a mischievous extension from Chrome Web Store.

How to Get Rid of Virus on Facebook?

Facebook virus has made countless users compromise on their personal data. Furthermore, it also tried to entangle Facebook friends of the victim in order to spread the viciousness. Nevertheless, you can get rid of virus on your Facebook account with a few simple steps. Follow them below:

Step 1:

Download and install an authentic anti-virus software.

Step 2:

Logout from your Facebook account, close the browser and disconnect the network cable from your computer.

Step 3:

Now scan your system for virus. Upon detection, delete the entry(s) from your system.

Step 4:

Now change your Facebook account’s password using a different device, say your smartphone or any other device.

Step 5:

Changing your password will help you get rid of Facebook virus. However, if you still receive any suspicious email(s), you can clear browsing history of your browser and ensure safe browsing.

These are the 5 simple steps to remove Facebook virus. It probably doesn’t do any material harm. But it’s more like a pesky poltergeist. Users are caught off guard. Offensive and nasty posts, comments defacing timelines, abuses and insults out of the blue, can make any user a ‘social pariah’ in the cyber fraternity. That is the modus operandi of the Facebook virus. So pull up your socks and do protect your account well.


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