How to Get Rid Of ‘STOP:0x0000007e’ Blue Screen Error

The STOP:0x0000007e error is a very common “blue screen” error, which typically restarts your computer randomly, and will show you a message on the famed blue screen of death. Unfortunately, not much is known about this error’s cause – and it’s widely speculated that Microsoft has used it as a “generic” error for any sort of problem on your PC. Because there is no specific cause of the error, you should look to fix any possible causes of this problem to ensure your PC is running as smoothly as possible again.

The error will normally show on a blue screen with this text at the bottom:

STOP: 0x0000007e

blue screen error
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If you want to fix BSOD 0x0000007e, you basically need to repair the problems that have caused it. The only issue here is that although this error is actually very common, it doesn’t seem to have a specific cause. This means that if you try and fix this error, you need to be able to cover all the angles and make sure that you can repair the various problems that could possibly be causing it to show.

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The first thing you should do to repair this error is to ensure you have enough hard drive space on your PC. Although this problem may seem trivial, a lack of hard drive space will not only cause your system to become unreliable, but it can also cause the BSOD 0x0000007e error to appear if your system needs to place a series of files onto your hard drive. You should go through your hard drive and delete any files you don’t want or need. A good way to do this is to use an automated junk file removal program or a duplicate file remover program.

After you’ve got rid of unwanted files from your hard drive, it’s then recommended that you update both your system and drivers to the latest possible releases. It allows your computer to run as smoothly as possible. The issue that stops most Windows computers from running correctly is the way in which they don’t have the right drivers or system updates that are necessary to keep up with the latest programs & features. Lack of updated drivers or other OS updates can often cause errors. This is thought to be one of the causes of the 0x0000007e error.

The final thing you should do to fix this problem is to use a “registry cleaner” tool to scan through your PC and fix any of the errors / problems, which are inside. Registry cleaners are popular programs as they are designed to scan through a vital part of Windows (the “registry” database) and fix all the errors and issues inside the registry database. For those who don’t know, the registry stores all the information and settings that your computer needs to run. It is a hugely important part of your system. Unfortunately, the registry is also one of the biggest causes of issues for your system, as it’s continually saving many of the settings inside it in the wrong way. Again, the registry database is too vital to be manually handled. The slightest of tweaks in the registry database can adversely hamper your PC. But the registry cleaner software carefully detects errors and fixes them in snap time. Hence, to ensure that your computer is not being damaged / corrupted by a faulty registry database, it’s recommended you use a registry cleaner tool to fix stop 0x0000007e error or any possible problems that may exist in this part of your PC.

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