How to Get Rid of Duplicate Contacts in iPhone

Phone book issues are the most critical ones. They have the sheer ability to drive anyone crazy. Be it lost contacts, wrong merging or duplicate contacts, none can ever fail to annoy users.

Oftentimes, these wrong entries confuse users with their very own contact book. While at other times, they become space-hogging elements on phone. Let’s say you have duplicate contacts, same entries twice take over twofold space in first place and secondly, they complicate the entire calling process since there are double entries.

These come up as perfect instances when duplicate contacts seem as hurdles. They shouldn’t on your phone’s precious memory, neither should they mess up things for you. This write up will suggest all possible ways on how to get rid of duplicate contacts on iPhone.

Ways to Get Rid of Duplicate Contacts in iPhone:

Recommended Method:

Use an App:

Use Tuneup Contacts to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone. Tuneup Contacts manages and organizes contacts on your iPhone without including much energy and time from your side. The app removes duplicate contacts with ease and in instants.


  • The app deletes all duplicate contacts in a few clicks.
  • It gives a preview of all contacts before deleting them.
  • Let’s you create contact groups.
  • Contact merging is easy with the app.
  • Zombie contacts are distinctly displayed.
  • Backup of all contacts can be created.
  • Backup files can be emailed.

Pros and Cons of Tuneup Contacts:

Pros: The app is handy and deletes duplicate contacts from iPhone in instants. Other than removing duplicates it also merges, share and remove zombie contacts quickly.

Cons: Tuneup Contacts is designed with much perfection, therefore you won’t face any issue in using the app. But you need to carefully use the app so that accuracy with your phone book is maintained.


Other Methods:

Remove Duplicates Manually:

None of us are unaware of this lengthy and tiring process to get rid of duplicates. You need to scroll through your phone book carefully, figure out all duplicate contacts and delete them manually.

Pros and Cons Manual Deletion:

Pros: Every contact entry goes through your eyes. You can keep the ones that are important and need not to be deleted.

Cons: This is a long and tiring process, often leads to dropping the task halfway. Also chances are that you skip some contacts along the way.

Use iCloud:

This is another lengthy but safe method to delete duplicate contacts from iPhone. Follow these steps- login to your iCloud account> Switch on your contact sync> sync all contacts to your iCloud account. Now come back to your phone book, turn off iCloud sync and finally delete all contacts from phone.

After you have done this, login to your iCloud account and manually delete all duplicate contacts. Once you have finished doing this, sync back these contacts to your phone book. All your duplicate contacts will be gone by now and you will enjoy an uncluttered phone book.

Pros and Cons of iCloud Storage

Pros: This is a safe method of deleting duplicate contacts. Even if all of them are removed from one place, they are safe at other.

Cons: This is even longer process than manual deletion from phone book. Possibilities are that some duplicate entries left behind in the process.

So the next time you have duplicate contacts on your iPhone, you need to switch to either of these processes. We’d recommend you to choose the safest and simplest method- use Tuneup Contacts.

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