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Resolutions made during the beginning of new year are more often broken than kept. But there are certain resolutions, which shouldn’t be broken and certainly when they’re about getting rid of your bad tech habits.

Let’s look at our phone habits and see how secure it is. If certain improvisations are required let’s try to do them to have a smooth running new year.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are infuriating they distract while working and even interrupt the sleep. So why not to turn them off? Disabling them is very easy by going to settings you can turn them off.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Next hit Notification Centerpresent at left-hand side of your screen and swipe up to see all the apps.
  3. Search for the app you want to turn off notifications for, and tap on it.


1. Open Settings

  1. Now tap on Apps & notifications then Notifications and App notifications.
  2. Here select the individual apps and set the type of notification you want to receive

By following these simple steps, you can get rid of unwanted annoying notifications. This will you’re your concentrate more on important things rather than on unimportant things.

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Avoid sleeping with your phone

A good night’s sleep means sound sleep without any disturbance. It doesn’t mean waking up in middle of the night to check emails, news feed, Facebook or something else. Avoid being with your phone while going to bed. Keep in some other room and if you’re worried about waking up in morning. Use an alarm clock or set the alarm on your phone but keep it far so that you move out of the bed to close it. This will solve two purposes first you will have deep sleep and second you will be out of bed in time.

Backup your Data

Nothing is worse than losing or misplacing your important data, photos, music. To avoid such situations, take backup of your things. Instead of looking for external hard disk you can look for cheaper solutions like cloud backup apps.

You can use Right Backup Anywhere app to take backup of your data anywhere anytime. You can either use Smart Backup or Custom Backup options to upload your data on cloud. To download the app click here

Unclutter your Device

Keeping your device optimized and clutter free is an important thing. Phones with no junk files, duplicate files is easy to use and powerful. File explorer works as a great searching tool to find the correct app. For gamers a game booster is must to give better gaming experience. You can achieve all this by using a simple app. Smart Phone Cleaner to download it click here.

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Keep your Photos Safe

We all like to click photos and create videos of our loved ones. But don’t like to share them with others as they may have our special moments and private photos.

Making it essential to secure them, you can transfer all your private images and videos to an amazing app Secret Photo Vault. This app will password protect your videos and photos thus stopping intruders from checking them out.

You can download it by clicking here.

Keep a Check On Phone Usage

Minimize the time spent with your phone instead focus things around you. Spare some time to admire the scenic beauty around you cherish the relationships you have. Relive the lost moments. Stop being a phone addict, get yourself away from phone.

Use an app to get rid of this habit, it may sound contradictory. But as poison kills poison so an app will help you curb your phone addiction. Download the Social Fever by clicking here to take control of your life.

These apps will help you get rid of your bad tech habits. Not only this they will make you a better organizer, manager. They will connect you to real world rather than the digital world. So, try to keep this promise that you have made to yourself this new year.

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